"100 Years of Beauty - Episode 9: Italy (Mackenzie)" You can see the history of 100 years of Italian beauty in about one minute

YouTube has released a series of movies that you can easily understand how women's makeup and hairstyles around the world changed over the next 100 years with just a couple of minutes.America,Russia,IranFollowing, etc., the Italian version of the movie is released.

100 Years of Beauty - Episode 9: Italy (Mackenzie) - YouTube

This time, it is model McKenzie Altihi to experience the trendy style of Italy for 100 years.

While setting the hair, I will arrange the skin color to be brighter.

If you paint a deep crimson lipstick and make your eyes full with mascara ... ...

The style of the 1910s is completed.

Hair is fastened with a headband, and it is fluffy and is gathered up by up.

Then once you drop all the makeup, rejoin the hair and reapply the thick eye shadow ... ....

It is completion of 1920s style. A thick eyebrow and thick eye makeup creates a crisp look with a simple pearl necklace and hair ornament giving a calm and mature appearance.

Next I curl my hair with a hair iron.

I will paint a more deep wine lipstick than before.

This is the make-and-hair style of the 1930's. Crimson lipstick is shining well on white skin, it is a style that you want to imagine without thinking what kind of clothes you were wearing.

Close your mouth and smile nicollet is very sexy.

Drop makeup further ......

Next time I will apply a natural makeup.

In the 1940s I finished with a ponytail where my hair was gathered together in the back of the head, a simple eye makeup and a thin rouge. It may have been suppressed to an unobtrusive style because it is during wartime.

It is different from the 1940 's, and in the 1950' s, it keeps the hair hairy again.

It looks like the style in which scarves were wrapped around the hair which was summarized up plumply was popular in the 1950s.

Next I also set my hair by rolling hair with a hair iron.

Makeup at the eyes is drawn the most intense dark eye line so far.

In the 1960s, there was also the influence of hippie style flowing from the United States to Europe, both hair and makeup were fairly flashy.

McKenzie says to shave her hair by yourself. It is like an impression after playing all night at a disco.

nextRussia of the 1970sI will make eye makeup of the blue system as well.

In the 1970s, make-up hair roughly, make a bright red lipstick shine on brown skin.

Next I will sow the hair back.

We will add gorgeous golden accessories to the hair we've compiled up, we will apply an orange eye shadow and a deep eye line.

Completion of the style of the 1980s if you also attach gorgeous gorgeous ring earrings. Anyway it is gorgeous and gorgeous impression.

Next, do not bang bangs all back, winding with iron ... ....

I will use my comb to make a big boost.

Scenes where cameramen shoots while making makeup.

And it was completed in the 1990s style. Makeup returns to the natural style again and is kept to the minimum makeup.

It is a finish that gives a boyish impression somewhere, with a bangs greatly raised bangs and refreshing summary gathered up.

In the 21st century, it changed to a make-up that makes the eyes look great and big.

The hair has been refreshed in 2000 as well, and the makeup seems to have changed slightly darker than in the 1990's. A pierced earring with a bigger stone is impressive.

When Mr. McKenzie narrows his eyes, it makes me crispy in a magical atmosphere.

The last was the 2010s. I also roll up my forelock and ......

I add a volume with false eyelashes at the eyes.

In the 2010s, pretty cheeks of pink and lipstick are prevalent, accessories are more vibrant and gorgeous than the 1980s. Atmosphere that it seems like going vacation as it is.

The movie is over with a smile showing a tooth with a big smile.

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