Looking back over 100 years history of female fashion at once

Even though women's fashion is totally influenced by the social situation, culture, and trends, the things prevalent by that era are quite different. A movie that reflects the trend of such female fashion from 1915 to 2015 in about 2 minutes has been released, and it is a must-see content.

100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes | MODE - YouTube

A model of underwear appearance.

The staff will dress in the model.

Completed with a hat on the end.

In the hand is a bag with a mini parasol and drawstring.

In 1915, the corset which had been continuing until the 1800 's gone, and an easy style faded. The inner is packed tightly to the neck, but the blouse is soft and comfortable to the body. As opposed to a chic taste blouse, a feather-attached hat is accented.

The next will be given a make-up firmer than before.

White gloves in hand.

This style was popular in 1925, has been influenced by the functional art style "Art · Deco", characterized by slender and low waist. The length of the skirt is slightly above the ankle, the handle of the dress has become more flashy since 1915.

The world depression occurred in 1930, the femininity is emphasized in a conservative atmosphere is a trend in 1935. The breasts of the tops are open to about the bust, and it is pale color on the whole.

The hat looks like an adult in black, and the decoration like a large flower corsage attached to the left chest is accented.

1945 is just the end of the war. Functional clothes with pockets in the jacket look like trends.

Jacket with collar.

The bag was box type, the skirt rose to about knee length.

Raise one leg and throw it.

In the 1950s, Parisian haute couture influenced the world fashion. As if to embody it in 1955 it is a three-dimensional silhouette.

Impression that gold 's hat and stole are flashy.

I have something like a cage in my hand.

Below the stall is a one-shoulder dress.

In 1955 it was changed as a stroke and in 1965 it was a gorgeous and elegant atmosphere with tweeds of two pieces.

In the 1960s sue women's rightsWoman rib activityIt is an era when women 's freedom of labor is demanded in many countries.

In 1975, it was a style that received a great influence of the hippie culture. It is a characteristic of the hem which spreads a little, at the junction of denim fabrics.

I wear a gorgeous scarf on my head with big sunglasses and a big hoop earring.

The bag is a large hand-held type.

In 1985 it was a gorgeous shoulder wide party dress that was trendy.

The bag is a clutch bag.

It is a hair style that makes hair hair stand up with a hair spray.

It seems that it was a trend in 1995 to match black tights with floral dress. The bag is a small backpack made of leather.

The hair is gathered behind with a hair band, and the elongated belt style choker is attached to the neck.

In 2005 it is wearing a black cardigan, a pink camisole, and boots-cut jeans. Without attaching things like hats and hair bands, the hair style is natural.

To jeans ......

I have a folding cell phone. Smart phones are prevalent a little later.

2015 was prevalent in the 1990'sGrunge · FashionIt seems that it will become a trend again. In terms of fashion derived from Grange Rock, I am wearing jeans with holes in the leather jacket.

It is a sight that I often take pictures on smartphones even on street corners.

The end is a piece.

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