Here's a look at the dramatic changes in women's swimwear over the last 120 years with the model

There are various theories that women's swimwear has appeared, and it is said that in the old one, a mural excavated in Pompeii

was painted with clothes like a two-piece swimwear . As the times have progressed and the style of women's swimwear has changed significantly, a movie that looks back on the changes in women's swimwear from 1890 to 2015 has been released and it is quite interesting content.

Evolution of the Bikini with Amanda Cerny

◆ 1890s
The magazine's Playboy, Amanda Chelny , works for a swimwear model. Women's swimwear in the 1890s styled wearing shorts of up to knee length under the swimsuit like a one-piece.

It is a black and white striped pattern, and the top is on the top of the chest, which is completely different from modern swimwear.

It seems that wearing shorts down to the knees was popular.

◆ 1910s
In the 1910s, it changed from a swimwear that used to be plump to a sporty one.

It seems that the material that is simmering is easier to swim than that of the 1890s.

The top also looks like a T-shirt.

◆ 1930s
In the 1930s, the exposure of the upper chest and arms were up.

You can see that there are buttons in some places, and they are two-ply.

Butt exposure has also increased, but is modest compared to modern swimwear.

◆ 1940s
The 1940s are not so different from the 1930s, but it was fashionable to wear something like a thin stall. The video has been in color since the 1940s.

The color is bright purple.

◆ 1950s
The large slit in the chest was in the 1950s.

The swimwear is designed to look through the skin according to the pattern.

With the slit in the chest, I became gradually sexy.

In addition, it seems that it was fashionable that a woman wore black rim glasses.

Her back is wide open.

◆ 1960s
By the 1960s, it was said that bikini-type swimwear that was divided into upper and lower parts became popular.

Bottoms are floral-style hot pants.

The exposure of the skin is also greatly improved by the tops and the bottoms being separated.

◆ 1970s
The leading edge of the 1970s is hippie fashion.

John Lennon-style sunglasses.

The tops are strapped.

◆ 1980s
The slittered swimwear, which was a trend in the 1950s, was made more sexy in the 1980s.

A very sharp high leg cut (high leg).

There is a big slit in the chest.

The back has almost no hiding part in the swimsuit, and the butt also has a lot of exposure in the T-back.

◆ 1990s
Here is the 1990s. The bikini style is back again, and it contains colorful patterns rather than single colors.

Tops fit snugly on the chest.

Although the angle was larger than in the 1980s, it seems that the high leg was mainstream.

The buttocks changed significantly from the 1980s T-back and became a normal one covering the entire buttocks.

◆ 2000s
The color is monochrome in the bikini type in the 2000s. Bottoms have a smaller area on the front.

Tops have a transparent structure between the cups.

Buttocks are more exposed and bottoms are strapped.

Looking at the whole body from behind, you can see that the tops' side belts are wide.

◆ 2015
And the latest 2015. The tops have a

halter neck at the back of the neck that is the trend.

Bottoms are low rise.

Tops have fashionable

fringes with hanging ornaments.

It is anxious whether the past style will become popular again after 2015, or a new style swimsuit will appear. In addition to the swimwear that appeared in the movie, various styles of women's swimwear have appeared in the past, and it seems that there was something too exciting, such as

sling shots and micro bikinis .

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