A movie "100 Years of Fashion: Heels" condensing 100 years of high-heel history in 3 minutes

If you look at the change of fashion and hair makeup you can feel what the era was like, but publish fashion-related moviesYouTube channel in ModeHas released a movie that focused on the change of the epidemic of "high heels", and it has become an observation that can understand the history of 100 years with a 3 minute movie.

100 Years of Fashion: Heels ★ Mode.com - YouTube

First from the heel shoes of the 1910's. In the 1910s, drama "Dooung AbbyIt is the stage of "novel,"Asashina OkaIt was also the era when the announcement was made. The woman is wearing a long skirt which does not put out the skin yet, the feet are also knitted boots ......

Shorts like ankle-length short boots.

In the 1920s, fashion changes are also brought about by the advancement of women into society. The strap-type pumps that appeared on the instep appeared in the movie.

Vivid colors. movies"Brilliant GatsbyIn this era just like the stage of the movie, the gorgeousness seen in the movie is also felt from shoes.

In the 1930s, the heel became even higher.

However, the Great Depression occurred in 1929, because in the 1930s fashion changed to conservative one again, many black shoes appeared in the movie.

But in the 1940s the atmosphere will change a lot. World War II began in 1939, it is said that women's independence was strengthened as the need for women to work as males went to war this era. Unlike in the 1930s, movies show a lot of shoes with bright shades.

As a movie "A story that you readThe stage background of the 1940s.

A wedge sole of tremendous height also appeared. The wedge sole has ease of walking because it is easier to balance, unlike pin heels, even if there is a height, and combines fashion and functionality.

In the 1950s Marylin · Monroe, Audrey · Hepburn, Grace · Kelly etc Actresses known as fashion icons were also active in modern times. Shoes also become more and more gorgeous, and more foot exposure can be seen than in the past.

Rhinestone is embedded in the heel, anyway it is feminine and gorgeous impression.

The heel part of the mule is Audrey Hepburn's movie "Roman HolidayIt is also famous for what I was wearing.

In the 1960s and 1970s fashion became a more open atmosphere, shoes were also showy. I liked psychedelic shades. ModelTwiggyIt is also a time when mini skirts became popular and popular.

In the 1970s also psychedelic shades, styles wearing mules along with color tights were also popular.

In the 1980s style combining pumps and ankle-length socks.

Mule, which came to be seen around the 1950s, is established.

From the late 1970sVivienne WestwoodPunk fashion is a movement as a result of having done the costume of sex and pistols. Because of that, I felt the fragrance of punk somewhat in shoes of the 1980s.

Wedge sole that appeared again in the 1990s.

A narrow and high pin heel and ...

It seems that fashion is considerably diversified, even to thicker / lower heels.

Types without straps appeared as heels in the 2000s.

It seems that pin heels like weapons were gaining popularity.

Types of crowded legs in the 2010sGladiator sandalsHas gained popularity.

Wedge sole also established.

Earth colors such as black and beige are mainstream from the colorful heel that I have seen in the images from the 1960s to the 2000s, and unlike the 1950s when femininity was extruded all over, various designs and materials such as studs and ropes It is adopted.

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