A movie that shows the flow of history where the 'ideal female figure' changes from ancient Egypt to the present day

A movie that makes it easy to understand the 'ideal female body type' that differs depending on the era has been released. There are many women with slim body in modern times, but 'ideal woman' varies from person to person, so if you look at this movie, you may find that 'I was born wrong'.

Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History-YouTube

First, from ancient Egypt around 1292 BC-1069 BC.

The female figure favored in this era is 'slender,' 'stroked shoulder,' 'high waist,' and 'symmetrical face.'

The waist is very slender.

Ancient Greece from 500 BC to 300 BC.

It seems that women with abundance, plumpness, and white skin were ideal at the time when male and female obscene thoughts were strong.


Han dynasty from 206 to 220 BC.

The predominant body types in China during this period were 'slim waist,' 'light skin,' 'big eyes,' and 'small feet.' I feel that it seems to be valid even in modern Japan.

In the Italian Renaissance around 1400-1700, women appeared like the famous Botticelli

's birth of Venus .

The trends at the time were 'abundant breasts,' 'round tummy,' 'big buttocks,' and 'fair skin.' It may be the extreme of 'chubby body'.

Britain ruled by the

Victorians from 1837 to 1901.

The woman at the time, who was aiming for the ideal figure of 'tight waist' while having a 'chubby body', had a corset wrapped around her body.

It became the United States of the 1920s called '

the 20s of frenzy .'

“Flat chest and waist,” “short bob hairstyle,” and “boyish body” are ideal female body shapes, and elements that are quite different from those of the past have become fashionable.

The Golden Age of Hollywood from 1930 to the 1950s.

'Curvy like an hourglass,' 'big breasts,' 'slim waist,' or 'bon kyubbon,' are all the rage.

Everyone wanted a style like Marilyn Monroe.

Swinging London in the 1960s.

The ideal woman of this era was the “adolescent figure” of “supple and lean” and “long and thin legs”. The actress Leslie Hornby's nickname “

Twiggy ”, which used to be the face of this era, was attached to her with a slender figure.

The '

supermodel ' era of the 1980s.

A woman with a strong and beautiful figure called 'firm body', 'flexible curvaceousness', 'high height' and 'tightened arms' was preferred.

It looks like Beyonce , but it's a body you'll often see in modern times.

'Heroin chic' with a pathological atmosphere that was popular from

Kate Moss in the 1990s.

Unhealthy drug addict style, such as 'extremely crunchy body', 'clear skin' and 'neutral'.

It's interesting to feel that you have rebounded from the supermodel era.

Around 2000-2015 Hyundai is called 'Postmodern Beauty'.

The points are 'sliding tummy', 'healthy slim', 'big breasts and buttocks', 'thigh clearance'.

There are many women who are aiming for this shape through cosmetic surgery. It was the present age when the body shape from a bloated belly goes through a pathologically lean body shape and then the body shape is just right. There are various women who are attracted to different people, so it should be interesting to see the movie to see which era was your ideal figure.

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