Shorts for jeans fashion "Beauty JEAN SHORTS"

Wacoal is already selling it, but it is awesome design. The price is between 2100 yen and 3465 yen (including tax).

It seems to be called "busy shorts". "It is a shorts for women to beautifully hide jeans", but what kind of way did you think about this, did it have to be such a thing ...?

The reason is as follows.
Shorts suitable for jeans fashion "JEAN SHORTS (Beautiful shorts) released"

As a condition of the shorts worn according to the jeans, "I do not want to show underwear from the waist of the jeans" "I want to show the line of the buttocks beautifully" "I do not want to crackle the shorts line" seems to have been found.

Based on the results of this survey, it seems that he developed three conditions of "low rise" "hip up" "line less" (hard to hide in outer wear) as three major elements of "shorts for jeans".

Actually, how beautiful is it, is this?

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