After all, what happened to the new office of GIGAZINE?

A workplace of tragedy that no one believesFrom once,Environment where work can be done properlyAlthough it moved to and renovated, what happened to the office of GIGAZINE in the end? The story.

Strange as before,GyaO introduces the new office of GIGAZINE, which is the first video mediaAlthough it was just being done, I thought that there is also a direction that I want to take a closer look and I will report it lightly.

I want to work at GIGAZINE in the future! Is not it a reference for those who are thinking?
This is a desk and chair for other editorial staff that was introduced even in GyaO. It is quite normal as it also handles the office work.

This is my desk. When I go to work I take out my laptop computer and pierce the LAN cable.

This is the rack in the room in front. Equipment necessary for purchasing GIGAZINE's "food" genre is put.

This is equipment for rain. On the left is an umbrella, the one on the right is a completely waterproof bag. It is serious.

Lightsaber from the front, spirit injection rod, Excalibur, Ninja sword. It is not serious so as not to be a breach of firearms sword law. "Boys, leaving home, there are seven enemiesAs the story of the story "As the story of shopping is said to shop, the editorial staff brought in that it may be necessary in some cases such a thing because it is a bad security area. To relieve stress, sight that is sometimes fighting can be seen in the company. When is it possible to enter the end of the century?

This is a lamp that illuminates the night road. Since it disappears at night, this will light your feet. It's basic. It should be useful even in the event of a disaster.

Rack across from there. There are things to use for work. It is understood at a glance what is present. Originally paper documents were a tremendous amount that can not be stored using all the racks, but it has been sorted out and reduced to this point.

It is old in the kitchen, but there is a table set properly. You can see the faucet of the tap water projecting from the wall on the other side, but it is a matter of mind. I am relieved even if my thirsty.

Oh, why is there an office desk in such a place ...?

Mysterious reserved seat. Nikkei education and Pasona rooms are also pure blue. What on earth is waiting for? It is a confidential matter what kind of conditions will be fulfilled.

Looking at the whole view is like this. There are three kitchens including this floor in all, everyone goes to my kitchen at noon and cooks lunch for themselves. this is true.

I will look at the office after renovation that will become the base again. Cozy. If you add employees, it is thought that there is no choice but to pull out the next room. It is time to move when all of you are out on this floor. How many years will it be after?

So, a review and taste storage place newly established on the left side of my desk. New items checked by the calendar are arranged one after another in this place. If there is something you want to eat or what you want, you can take it freely from here and it is OK. And it is the mechanism that becomes an article manager as it is. Currently more about what is placed here is increasing.

My desk. I have to manage LAN cables quickly ....

So, did it become helpful?

I think it improved a bit compared to the work environment like the previous scam school, but it is still incomplete. Exercise equipment and various cleaning tools will be introduced next week to alleviate the condition of employees who tend to overdose calories. Especially cleaning is nice, the company will be beautiful and it will be an exercise, it is two birds with one stone.

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