What is the income for a month that popular game live player earns?

Distributing movies and making money with video sharing services such as YouTube and Nico Nico Videos,YouTuberYaLive playerPeople called. What is worrisome as a user is "How much money are you making?", Twitch, the world's largest game specialized streaming site to answer such questions, has released the Top 20 monthly income of game players, Twitch's revenue for video distribution of popular live player has become clear.

A Look Into Streaming

Twitch announced the top 20 of the game players who earned a lot in the month from 6 November 2014 to 6 December. What I managed to beat at first was the former professional gamer'sImaqtpieMr. is.

In November 2014, imaqtpie earned approximately 14,000 dollars (about 1.65 million yen) in the game commentary, and its breakdown is advertisement revenue of about 12,300 dollars (about 1.45 million yen)subscriptionIt is about 2,100 dollars (about 247,000 yen). You can see that you earn a lot of income from advertisements.

The graph below shows changes in the number of viewers per distribution. The average number of viewers per delivery is 15,264.

The change in the number of viewers when the number of temporary viewers recorded the highest is like this ...

The following bar graph shows the change in the number of subscribers by hour in the distribution times. As many as 10 users subscribe to the subscription in one hour.

I ranked second after imaqtpieTrick 2gHas a monthly income of about $ 13,900 (about 1.64 million yen), advertising revenue of $ 13,300 (about 1.53 million yen) and subscription revenue of $ 2,500 (about 300,000 yen).

Trick2g's average audience number is 9292, about 6000 fewer than imaqtpie of 1st place.

Three professional gamers are included within the ranking of Twitch's ranking which ranked 5, which is the highest rank among themCurse_PigletMr.

Curse_Piglet's revenue is approximately $ 10,600 a month for a total of about 1,250,000 yen. The advertisement revenue is about 12,000 dollars (about 1.2 million yen), but the subscription revenue is considerably few at about 430 dollars (about 50,000 yen).

Curse_Piglet's average viewership distribution is approximately 17,500 people, and this is more than imaqtpie and trick 2 g in the ranking top.

However, the number of subscription applications for distribution is considerably small compared to the top.

There are two female players in the ranking, and among them it was the highest ranked 13thBehkuh TVMr. is.

BehkuhTV's total monthly income is about 910 dollars (about 107,000 yen). Advertising revenue is about 550 dollars (about 65,000 yen), and subscription is 365 dollars (about 43,000 yen).

The average audience number is 768 people. Looking at the graph, BehkuhTV's distribution seems to have a tendency to decrease as the delivery time goes up, though a lot of people gather at the beginning.

Changes in the number of subscriptions for times when the number of temporary distributors recorded the highest is like this. There seems to be reason for the fact that there is not much difference between advertisement revenue and subscription revenue because there are a lot of subscriptions.

The game live player of Twitch is the most common person and I found that I earned about 1.65 million yen in a month. According to Twitch, the number of registrants of subscriptions tends to increase for those who are good at interacting with viewers. In addition, imaqtpie shining 1st is always delivering for 8 hours every day, it is not resting on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, it seems that it is not easy to get big money by video distribution.

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