A dance movie in which it is fun to understand 100 years of fashion history in the UK in just 100 seconds

A movie filled with fashion history for 100 years in the UK has appeared in only 100 seconds. Clothes will change one by one while the couple who is appearing dances with full power, but that fashion has been in fashion in the UK until 1911 to 2011. In other words, just watching the movie for 100 seconds makes it fun to understand the transitions of fashion.


The movie has started


I think that time will rewind with tremendous effort.

And in 1911. Dance starts with whistling.

The atmosphere also reproduced the music of that time.

The clothes have changed.

The costume and age will change as the dance progresses.

Background and BGM change. Somewhat female skirt length is shortened, is it around 1920 's?

As the dress changes smoothly while dancing, I am impressed that "how long it took to take a single shot ...".

Background and BGM have changed, and it has become a modern atmosphere. Apparently the way of dancing seems to fit the times.

It seems that in the 1940s men are wearing clothes like military uniforms.

A woman finally gets a pants look.

Wearing sunglasses, etc has become pretty contemporary.

Electric guitar flows to BGM, the head of the male to the present. It seems to be in the early 1950s and early 60's.

Background and BGM changed, this time in the 60's.

I understand that it is an era when major changes have come in fashion.

"What happened in the late 60's"Summer of Love'Like a fashion.

Men with severe BGM are Sex PistolsJohnny RottonIt looked like a dress. It is the latter half of the 1970s.

In the 1970sDiscoIt is also a time when it has arrived.

In the 1980s, into the fashion of the near future.

Michael jacksonIt is a dance reminiscent of.

AndMadonnaof"VogueDash like a dance.

Next time on the backgroundGraffitiAppeared, street style fashion wearing sneakers. It seems to be in the 1990s.

It came in somewhere in the building.

Is it characteristic of the 2000s that men 's pants are thin like spots?

Both are no longer completely modern fashion.

And it came back to the present day of 2011.

"September 13 (Tuesday)" and a mysterious announcement came out and it is the end.

Actually, this movie, the largest shopping mall in Europe that opens in London on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 "Westfield Stratford CityAlthough it seems to be the announcement of "It is extremely crowded.

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