Movie showing Russian beauty's makeup and hair style transition over the past 100 years

From the beauty of that beautiful Russian woman sometimes described as "fairy", how was the make-up and hairstyle changed in the 100 years from 1910 to the 2010s, its history is a little over a minute An understanding movie is released.

100 Years of Beauty - Episode 8: Russia (Anya) - YouTube

It is the talent's model to reproduce the makeup and hairstyle of a woman prevalent in Russia during the past 100 yearsAnyaMr.

With this kind of change, the make-up staff and the costume staff will switch to Mr. Anya to change to the style of the time.

First was the 1910's. KURUKURU curly hair curls thinly, and the head decorates pearls. Was it fashionable to add a red rose to the neck?

In the 1920 's, short hair' s gentle hairstyle is mainstream.

In contrast to the hairstyle, the eyeshadow becomes darker and it creates a magical atmosphere.

In the 1930's, Anya who wore Red Riding Hood showed a strong pose.

However, it seems like Little Red Riding Hood appears in a fairy tale as if Asana of natural makeup looks far away.

In the 1940 's, the impression of flashy lipstick and hairstyle set at up all at once gave a fancy impression.

When thinking, Mr. Anya drops makeup ......

To the style that I caressed by wearing a military cap. As a phenomenon not seen in other countries at the time of World War II, it seems that many women symbolize that they volunteered as soldiers.

In 1950, the hairstyles in which all the hair was gathered together with a ribbon.

It became the most pop style so far.

In the 1960s style combining hair in a hair band was popular.

The forehead is the same as in the 1950s, but the lipstick becomes pink and the eyeshadow becomes darker, so it is a calm impression.

In the 1970s when my hair was completely drawn down and became mature. Blue is used for the first time for the eye.

It seems that women's Cossack cap was also in fashion.

In the 1980s, it changed to a punky hairstyle with a strong perm with the whole.

It seems that lively women who are looking good at DISCO were liked.

The 1990s approaching the present age. Was the whitening popular? The unique hair style that the skin became pure white make-up, short hair only with long hair, maybe Russian.

It looks like a combination of coolness and beauty.

In 2000, it became a straight hair and became a hairstyle that could be a Japanese woman.

And lastly in the 2010s, the make-up became dense considerably on the whole, and the longer hair is briskly divided.

When thinking, Mr. Anya wore a knit cap to the neck somehow why ... ....

Scissors with scissors.

I finished my eyed cap and gripped my fist strongly. this isPerformed performance criticizing President PutinIt seems that it mimics the Russian female punk band "Pussy Riot" known for that. It seems that it became a symbol of the 2010 's, as the women in the band were talking about the movie being hit by the security forces with a whip.

Mr. Anya took off his eyed cap and came to Russia for 100 years.

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