The next iPhone (iPhone 8) adopts USB Type-C and curved display adoption by abolishing Lightning connector


Lightning, Apple's proprietary connector, has been introduced from iPhone 5, but USB Type-C (USB-C) is adopted in place of Lightning connector in iPhone 8 to be the next iPhone, the display is curved surface organic EL display OLED) is adopted, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Apple's Next iPhone Will Have a Curved Screen - WSJ

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KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo already expects iPhone 8 to introduce high-end models exceeding $ 1,000 (about 113,000 yen) as Apple's 10th anniversary model It is. The high-end model is a bezelless full-color organic EL display, it is seen that "function area" will be adopted instead of the home button.

Next-generation iPhone adopts "function area" instead of home button on 5.8-inch full-surface organic EL display - GIGAZINE

The Wall Street Journal also reports that it got similar information from the source, but furthermore that the Lightning connector from iPhone 8 will be abolished and USB-C and curved display will be adopted. If all of these contents are realized, a model in which the conventional iPhone design was redesigned will appear, but considering the achievements of the Wall Street Journal so far, it is possible to use USB-C or curved display The possibility of iPhone appearing is high.

The MacBook uses the USB-C connector from the 2016 model, but if iPhone 8 comes out with this expected spec, the first iOS device without Apple unique connector will come out. However, The Verge says, "Considering Apple that has never hesitated to adopt its own standard for the iPhone, it may mean that USB-C will be adopted by the power adapter instead of the iPhone itself. There is no expectation.


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