"How Does Everyday Makeup Change Your Face?" How much female face changes in 30 minutes makeup

The time taken for women in their teens to make up everyday is about 15 minutes, in their 20s they are 14 minutes, in their 30s they take about 13 minutesAlthough some people say that even their makeup does not change their face very much, some people change like a different person. How much faces the face changes when women make up makeup? That is why four different types of women make up makeup for 30 minutes and the movie being compared at Before After is released on YouTube and you can see that "Is it worth 30 minutes for makeup every day?" It has become like.

How Does Everyday Makeup Change Your Face? - YouTube

The following four people of different types will make up this time.

For both of us, it takes about 30 minutes to make up, and it shows how to make up with fast forward.

Firstly from the woman who was in the lower left of the screen. Eyebrow is given.

It is almost like a snappy look like this.

A base makeup was given, and a three-dimensional feeling was born on the face.

The eyelids make the eye clearer.

Plus volume by placing false eyelashes. The lips are also finished with a luster.

Next is an African-American woman.

This is a sniff.

Base make-up was applied, the skin changed to a slightly matte texture.

False eyelashes on the eyes and put in a state of barshipa.

Completed painting pink lipstick.

The third is an Asian woman.

A state of a snapshot.

A little white face, a stereoscopic feeling was born. Impression that I got crisp by putting eye shadow on the eyes.

In addition, put a highlight on the face to make it bright, and the eyes are also clear with mascara and eye line.

False eyelashes littered.

Further emphasizing the eyes, finish with lips shiny with gloss. The innocent impression was a career woman style at once.

A woman who pierced his nose at the end.

It is a snapshot.

The eyebrows were trimmed.

False eyelashes littered.

Emphasize the eyes with eye shadow ......

Completed painting pink lipstick.

I will look it at Before after. First is the first woman. The complexion is bright, the impression that each part is sharp.

The second woman. My eyesight has increased.

The third woman. It was shabby feeling that it was an innocent impression.

The fourth woman. Eyelashes and eyeshadows' power helps make your eyes look bigger and bigger.

Compared to the face before make-up, every woman has sharp parts and the overall color tone has increased.

Is the movie tightened with the message "Is it worth doing this everyday?"

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