Five men challenged make-up for the first time, what was the result?

How do 5 people feel like men, such as Higemoja and Afro Eyeglasses boys, if they make real makeup by professional hands? It is verifying that "Men Try Women's Makeup For The First Time"is. If you are a woman you may remember that it was a disastrous result in "first makeup", but what kind of finish would you have if you borrowed a professional hand?

Men Try Women's Makeup For The First Time - YouTube

The following five people challenge makeup this time. With the man of the bearded hi ...

A man with intelligent glasses.

A lively man.

Afro & glasses.

A black man who grew beard again.

Remove the eyeglasses for that ... ...

Only the left half of the face will shave the beard and refresh.

Mottamage face ...

Half is refreshing.

I will apply base makeup. "Although women are beautiful, men are ruffling and they look like monsters," but how does it change indeed?

This man who first talked as "I want to be a good looking looking" during the makeup he says "I feel like a massage".

The complexion will change.

This man also makes the left half of the face a bright impression.

The mouth opened unexpectedly, it looks like a fancy face.

"It feels like I am getting increasingly ugly"

Put the cheek on the cheek and put the cheek on the apple cheek.

You can also add highlights.

Little yawn while Make-san left.

I feel like gradually becoming feminine to expressions.

It seems to be common in both sexes that the mouth opens during eye makeup.

Afro's men gradually became like female.

Feminine at once with false eyelashes.

I am smiling with grinning grinning whether my brushwork is tickle.

I will draw eye lines firmly to the wrinkles of the eyes.

A half face is Shiny.

It became a completely different face on the left and right.

Apply mascara on false eyelashes and into a lazy eyelash.

It seems that the finish is concerned with "K-POP like feeling?"

Buhler while pulling his eyes.

A man who was an intelligent system has become a gorgeous beauty style only on the left half of the face.

Having a lipstick's palette "Come is not the color of a normal person's lip," commented.

And put a mirror behind the side that made up the makeup ......

A glance

"Oh My God!"

Looking back at a smile with niccol ... ....

very loud laugh.

Observation by concealing the right half without makeup.

"It's like Mama"

Afro men slowly look up at Make-up ... ...

After all it was a burst of laughter.

He was a cool man who analyzed him as "a beautiful lady rather than a handsome woman."

So, the result of the men who first tried to makeup this time became like this. After all, the professional is amazing ... ....

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