'GIGAZINE Manga Award' recruitment started in October 2020 & click here for making 'frontispiece' that can be used as a reference for manga production

There are only three announcements in 2020, including this one. At the GIGAZINE Manga Awards , recruitment and screening are conducted every month so that the screening results can be understood quickly. We are running low in 2020, but please do not miss this opportunity to apply in order to start your serial debut in 2021.

◆ Click here for the application guidelines for the 'GIGAZINE Manga Award'

I have already read the application guidelines, so apply anyway! Please use the application form .

◆ Click here for the original script application guidelines

If you are thinking of applying in the form of a novel or script, please check the application guidelines from the link above.

◆ Making of manga I tried to check how the 'frontispiece' was created for each work
In the manga serialized by GIGAZINE by October 2020, the cover illustration is posted as a 'frontispiece' at the beginning of many episodes except for some. In the article in August 2020, I introduced the making of each author as the manga progresses with the script, name, and drawing, but this time as well, the back side of the excavated frontispiece making will be released to the public.

There is no instruction for the frontispiece at the time of the script for ' Madosho Exchange Diary Spin ', and the frontispiece is created according to the main story from the stage of raising the name. The image is an early rough of the first episode, and the composition and background were very good, so I adopted it as it is, but since the 'Madosho Exchange Diary' is a story of two 'sisters', try to make it a picture that connects to the frontispiece of the second episode. To.

In the line art after the change, the posture of Lacy lying down has changed a little, and the hat is cut off in the upper left. The frontispiece in the second episode is 'Dupre (Lacy's older sister) who lie down in the same way', so the image is that if you line them up, they will be connected.

Basically, at the name stage, it rarely becomes 'page-by-page', but the frontispiece may be completely changed and redrawn. The image is a rough frontispiece of episode 3, and the page immediately after it depicts Lacy carrying a pizza to her mouth for a meal scene at a family restaurant.

There is a slight deviation from the main page of the manga immediately after, and the episode is a past story of Dupre rather than a story of Leshy, so Dupre was drawn as a frontispiece like a model of a fashion magazine. Although it has nothing to do with the content of the story, the theme is a piece that has a slightly different meaning when read. In this way, in 'Spin', the person in charge of drawing drew a rough sketch at the name stage, and made adjustments while having a meeting. There was a long way to go on the cover of the book, so check out the

Kindle comics that also include the cover making.

In the first episode of '

Brave and company-slave side-business life ', the idea was first made. Through sharing image illustrations and exchanging reference images by the person in charge of the original work, anyway, the person in charge of drawing creates a plan that comes to mind. The plan at the bottom left of the image was adopted as the door for the first episode, but other plans may be used somewhere in the future.

The image is one of the ideas, and I wanted to place the 'company slave hero' because it is possible that multiple attractive female characters will appear. However, the design that does not distract the eyes even on a small screen seems to be good, so we decided on a design that clearly understands the 'hero x company slave' that the hero Kuzuru raises the computer.

The final frontispiece looks like the image.

In the same way, '

Ameame Fure Fure Usoyande ' takes the form of making multiple proposals and selecting the adoption proposal from them. However, in 'Ameame', Mr. Torataro, who is in charge of the name, draws a composition that he can think of without specifying the number of stories, and when creating each story name, Yumeki, who is in charge of drawing, creates a line art. , The flow is to brush up as needed.

For example, the frontispiece of the first episode was created from 'Cover Draft 1', but considering the sense of distance between Nao and Kai at the time of the first episode, Kai's facial expression has been adjusted from the rough draft.

The second episode is based on 'Cover Plan 3'. The plan created at the time of the first episode was adopted as the frontispiece of the second episode. From the rough stage, I adjusted the composition so that the contrast between Nao, who likes rain and looks up at the sky, and Kai, who hates rain and looks down without expecting a sunny day, stands out.

The work flow varies depending on the person in charge of the original work and the person in charge of drawing, but we have adjusted each to make it as easy as possible. We welcome applications for not only manga works, but also text-only scripts, name stages, and drawing-only portfolios.

◆ 'GIGAZINE Manga Award' application guidelines

・ When you serialize manga on GIGAZINE ...?
・ Completely remote and work timing

・ Since the serialized manga will be published in GIGAZINE, you can read it first.

・ There is no strict deadline and it is easy to schedule

・ There are no restrictions on genres or targets, anything is OK as long as it is interesting.

・ Equipped with an assistant who can handle coloring and background (no need for own expense)

・ Because it is a young label, it is easy for opinions and requests to pass like a venture company!

etc. If you have any other questions,

please click here to contact us.

・ Basic conditions:
・ It is assumed that it can be read on a smartphone (no spread, vertical scrolling standard)

・ Full color, full digital (In the case of black and white, it may be treated as the 'original', but the application itself is welcome)

-The genre is free and the completed manuscript of 'Episode 1' and its making material . For making materials, please send the character design and settings, as well as the outline of the entire story in the range of 200 to 800 characters. Please note that the examination may not proceed if the application content is insufficient.

・ Manuscript format:
Please refer to ' Princess and Gamer ' for aspect ratio, file size, and resolution.

・ Number of manuscripts:
freedom. Any number of pages is OK.

・ Others:
・ Primary creation OK that has already been announced on other media and platforms

・ It is also OK to have a work that was published in a magazine but was not made into a book or was discontinued due to unforeseen circumstances. Please do not give up.

・ For 'drawing only', please show the URL of the portfolio and the collection of works. The portion that passed the 1st stage examination will be actually drawn in the trial original in the 2nd stage examination, and after passing, it will be sent to the final stage voting examination.

·The deadline:
Saturday, October 31, 2020, 23:59:59

・ Examination process:

After the first selection by the editorial department, the following screening process is planned.

Stage 1: Evaluation in a closed environment that can only be viewed by GIGAZINE secret club members + Evaluation including making materials by the editorial department

Second stage: Judging after adding necessary items such as 'Episode 1 manuscript' and 'Plot until the final episode' in a format that is more conscious of serialization. At the stage of advancing to this point, I promise to serialize in almost some form.

Final stage: A serialized manuscript will be judged by the editor-in-chief of GIGAZINE + evaluation by GIGAZINE secret club members + guest judgment such as writers serialized in GIGAZINE will be performed to determine the grand prize winner comprehensively. In addition, we promise to serialize when it remains in the final stage.

・ Reward:

In commemoration of the new development of GIGAZINE manga from March 2020, the rewards including the prize amount have been renewed as follows. We have clarified the question, 'How far can we serialize?', So please do not miss it. The left side of the arrow is the conventional setting, and the right side is the reward from March 2020.

Everyone who passed the first screening and was selected for the first stage:
Prize money 10,000 yen → Prize money 30,000 yen

Stage 2 advancement:
Additional prize money of 20,000 yen → Additional prize money of 20,000 yen + editing in charge for serialization

Final stage advancer:
Prize money is only for winning and grand prize selection → Additional prize money of 50,000 yen (100,000 yen in total) at the time of advancing to the final stage + serialization commitment after brushing up the submitted work

Prize money 50,000 yen → Prize money 100,000 yen + serialization commitment

Grand Prize:
Prize money 100,000 yen → Prize money 500,000 yen + commitment to serialize the submitted work as it is

・ Selection result of submitted works
For works that will proceed to the first stage screening, we will contact you with the details of the screening to the email address at the time of application by the end of the month following the application month.
In other cases, please note that we basically do not notify you of the examination results.

・ Flow after receiving the award
After finishing the publication in the serial format on GIGAZINE, it will be converted into an electronic book and sold on Amazon. We will pay the prescribed manuscript fee and royalties for each. GIGAZINE is also responsible for selling and promoting e-books.

・ Question reception form:
If you have any questions about applying, please click here to contact us. If similar questions continue, we will summarize them in the FAQ, so we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

・ Manga Award application form:

Click here

◆ Original script recruitment guidelines

・ In addition to the first episode manuscript , prepare a plot (synopsis) from the first episode to the final episode . For the synopsis, please describe the flow of the entire work in detail on the first page of the manuscript in 100 to 800 characters.

・ In the first screening, we will see the fun of a simple story and the completeness of one story. If you proceed from the second screening to the final screening, you will be conscious of actually creating the original manga, and will judge 'whether you can constantly create a script written in To' until the final episode.

・ If you are applying for 'original only' and only text, it is okay if you paste the text in Google Docs and then enter the shared link address in the application form. In that case, please do not edit the document after applying.

-Make sure that Google's sharing setting is 'Everyone who knows the link'. If it remains 'restricted', you will not be able to read the submitted work. For more information, check 'Share files publicly' in Google Docs Help .

Click here for the application form

The selection flow for the Manga Award includes 'GIGAZINE Secret Club (GSC) Closed Judgment'. Not only GSC members, but also those who are not yet members, please take this opportunity to become a member of GSC and witness the birth of future masterpieces. Click here to register for GIGAZINE Secret Club.

Well then, we are looking forward to your application from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you.

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