Three kinds of tasting reviews such as 'Meisei Noodle God Cup Shinta Noodle x Soy Sauce', which is made of dried sardines and rich umami of pork, which is so smooth and chewy that you can't think of it as dried noodles.

' Meisei Noodle God Cup Shinta Noodle x Soy Sauce ' from the instant noodle maker Meisei Foods will be released on October 5, 2020 (Monday). It is a cup noodle that combines the noodle making technology of Meisei aiming for true shop quality, such as 'Kanta noodles' with a thickness and thickness that feels the scent of wheat, and what is the quality? I actually ate it and checked it.

'Meisei Noodles Shinta Noodles x Soy Sauce' (September 21st release) 'Meisei Noodles God Cup Shinta Noodles x Soy Sauce' (October 5th) | Meisei Foods

Meisei Noodle God Cup Shinta Noodle x Soy Sauce Package looks like this. In addition, write 'Noodle God' and read 'Megami'.

The lid was pasted with a soup base that was put in afterwards, which was named 'A drop of the god's scent of pork and dried sardines.'

It is appealing that Meisei Foods, which has been refining its noodle-making technology since its establishment in 1950, aimed at 'true shop quality'. He said that he was particular about the texture of the noodles, and he is proud that he has developed noodles that go beyond the common sense of instant noodles.

The raw material looks like this. The soup has names such as soy sauce, lard, pork / chicken extract, and niboshi powder.

Calories are 356kcal per 94g of cup.

I opened the lid and looked inside. You can see dried pork ribs, menma and green onions. The pork ribs are said to have been grilled directly.

Remove the drop of godliness on the lid, pour boiling water and wait for 5 minutes.

After 5 minutes, add a drop of the divine spirit ...

Stir well and you're done.

The scent of dried sardines drifts softly from the soup. When you take a sip, the umami of dried sardines and soy sauce, and the sweetness of lard spread firmly in your mouth. The scent of dried sardines and pork is also elegant, making the soup a rich yet mellow taste.

The pork ribs are a little small, but you can enjoy the meaty texture. I couldn't understand the aroma of the grilled pork because of the aroma of the soup, but when I chewed it, the juicy umami and sweetness of the pork spread.

Normally, medium-thick cup noodles tend to have a rugged texture, but Shinta noodles, which are medium-thick small noodles, have a smooth texture and are chewy and chewy when chewed. The quality of the instant noodles was quite high, and I could clearly feel the commitment of Meisei Foods to 'stick to the texture of the noodles.'

In addition, the bag noodle versions of 'Meisei Noodle Shinjinta Noodles x Miso Soy Sauce' and 'Kantamen x Miso Miso' will be available only in the Kanto and Koshinetsu regions on Monday, September 21, 2020.

The contents are dry noodles, liquid soup and powder soup only.

Put the noodles in 600 ml of boiling water ...

Put liquid soup and powdered soup in a bowl in advance.

Boil the noodles for 7 minutes. If you boil it while loosening it with chopsticks ...

Put only boiling water in the noodles into the bowl to melt the soup.

After adding the noodles, it's done. In addition, the ingredients are not included, so if you want topping the ingredients, you need to prepare them yourself.

The noodles are slightly thicker than the cup noodle version. The medium-thick chijire noodles, which are also smooth and chewy, go well with the rich soy sauce soup that you can hear the umami of the dried sardines.

The bag noodle version has a miso flavor that the cup noodle version does not have.

The method of making is exactly the same as the soy sauce flavor.

Miso soup has a deep taste with not only the umami of miso but also the umami of pork extract, which is quite high quality for instant miso ramen.

Medium-thick noodles are often entwined with miso soup. In the rich umami of miso, the aroma of noodle flour stands out.

'Meisei Noodle God Cup Shinta Noodle x Soy Sauce' can be purchased at supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide from October 5, 2020 (Monday). The suggested retail price is 230 yen excluding tax. In addition, the bag noodle versions of 'Meisei Noodle God Shinta Noodles x Soy Sauce' and 'Meisei Menjin Shinta Noodles x Miso' will be available for purchase only in the Kanto and Koshinetsu regions from Monday, September 21, 2020. , The suggested retail price is 180 yen excluding tax.

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