The special music video 'GOTCHA!', Which looks back on the ultimate memories of Pokemon with BUMP's Acacia, is highly acclaimed.

A special music video 'GOTCHA! ' Has been released that seems to condense the past memories of the Pokemon series. Not only is it packed with nostalgic memories of the past series, but also the high-quality images produced by director

Rie Matsumoto and Bonds ' tag team, and BUMP OF CHICKEN's ' Acacia ' are the best, ' I'm crying for the rest of my life ' and ' It was a night that I thought was good for Pokemon fans . '

[Official] Pokémon Special Music Video 'GOTCHA!' | BUMP OF CHICKEN --Acacia --YouTube

The movie starts with a scene where four boys walk along the railroad tracks like Stand by Me. This is the same as the video on the TV of Pokemon Red and Green and Pokemon Let's Go! Pikachu Eevee 's main character's house.

With a boy who grew up with Pikachu from childhood ...

A girl who grew up with Eevee appears.

Behind the scene where boys and girls walk















Pokemon, gym leaders, and four heavenly trainers by type are lined up.

Legendary Pokemon in the shadow of the building ...

The silhouettes of successive protagonists emerge ...

In succession, like Wataru & Dragonite, successive champions & partner Pokemon appeared.

Daigo, the Pokemon League champion in the Hoenn region, has appeared with Mega Metagross, which is a mega-sinker metagross.

Black 2 and White 2 protagonists and rivals ...

Travel companions such as the trio of Sana Thierno Trova, who is a friend of the main character of X and Y, also appeared.

There is also a scene in a cave without fighting Mewtwo after becoming a Pokemon League champion.

Howe & Gradio, a rival duo of Sun Moon ...

There are also traveling companions called Lillie & Cosmog.

A scene where Mitsuru stops the main character of Ruby Sapphire ...

Green with powerful Pokemon.

Furthermore, a battle scene with the strongest trainer Red who appears in gold and silver Shirogane.

The hat that was supposed to dance in the air softly in the death battle with Red ...

It falls on Pikachu's head on the back of the girl who appeared at the beginning. Behind it is the silhouette of Genshikai Oga that appeared in Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire.

On the other hand, behind the boy with Eevee is the silhouette of Genshi Groudon.

The adventure has entered a further stage ...

Jim leader of the latest work Sword Shield appears one after another.

And it was illuminated by the spotlight ...

Champion Dande.

In addition, with the beat that appears as a rival of the main character ...

Supported by the ale group ...

Marie & Morpeco.

From the hops of rivals who grow up while working hard with the main character ...

Dande, who is also an older brother and a champion, appears with partner Pokemon.

The hero who is dressed in a uniform with numbers derived from the release date (February 27) of the Pokemon Red and Green called '227' ...

Appeared with his partner Ace Burn. Aceburn is the shape of Kyodai Max.

As it is, it collides with Charizard's partner Kyodai Max.

The scene changes and a boy and a girl meet each other.

Behind them are Zacian and Zamazenta.

Watching over those two people ...

With successive doctors ...

Successive partner Pokemon

In addition, Sword Shield's partner Pokemon, Sarnori Hibani Messon.

Boys and girls set out on a new adventure in this way.

At the end, Mew appears for a moment ...

A monster ball is thrown ...

The special music video ends with 'GOTCHA!'.

After the special music video was released, related words such as 'Pokemon' and 'BUMP' have been trending on Twitter, and many Pokemon trainers have commented. Also, for some reason, the Pokemon Information Bureau, which is the official Pokemon Twitter account, also tweeted that he was impressed by the special music video, and it seems that the impression could not be conveyed on Twitter with a limited number of characters.

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