Notebook PC type toy 'Skill up ★ Tablet PC Spica Note' equipped with Microsoft supervision experience application review

From toy maker TAKARATOMY, ' Skill Up ★ Tablet PC Spica Note ' will be released on October 1, 2020, where you can enjoy learning the basics of PC skills and thinking ability with an eye on the future. Although it is a gadget for children, as many as 70 types of apps are pre-installed, including an app that allows you to experience text input and spreadsheets supervised by Microsoft. I actually touched it to see what it was like.

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Skill up ★ Tablet PC Spica notebook box looks like this.

The target age is assumed to be 6 to 9 years old.

In addition to the standard mini-games for notebook PC toys, the installation of an application that allows you to experience the features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint supervised by Microsoft is appealing.

The contents are a manual, a charging cable, and a main body that can be separated into two parts, a tablet part and a keyboard part.

I compared the size side by side with the iPhone X with a long side of 143.6 mm.

The tablet part looks like this. It has an LCD display and a front camera, and there is a power switch on the left side of the screen. Combined with the plastic feel, it gives a very light impression when held in the hand.

The actual weight of the tablet part was 312 grams.

Turn it over and you will see the rear camera and Spica Note logo.

It also comes with a stylus that can be stored.

There is a microSD card slot on the top.

3.5mm audio output terminal and Mini-USB port on the left side. The Mini-USB connector is for charging.

The charging cable to be connected is a USB Type-A terminal-Mini-USB terminal cable, and a USB power adapter is not included.

You can use the separately sold AC adapter 'TYPE 5U'.

The keyboard part is a little lighter than the tablet part, and weighs 295 grams.

The keyboard layout looks like this. It's basically a QWERTY layout, with a Shift key as well. However, there are no half-width / full-width keys, Ctrl key, Tab key, etc. The key touch is soft and sinking, and the keys are sized to fit the child, so it may be difficult for adults to type comfortably.

By combining the tablet part and the keyboard part, it looks like a notebook PC.

It's just a combination, and there are no hinges, so it's impossible to fold it. The angle between the tablet part and the keyboard part looks like this.

The following is the place where it was started by pressing the power switch on the side of the screen in combination with the keyboard.

Launch screen of Takara Tomy 'Skill Up Tablet PC Spica Note' equipped with Microsoft supervised Office experience application --YouTube

The home screen looks like this. Basically, it is possible to operate only with the tablet part, and you can use the application without the keyboard part. For example, touch the camera app to start it.

You can take pictures and movies with the camera. The photos and movies you take can be saved to the main unit or the inserted microSD card. You can shoot by tapping 'Satsuei'.

This is the photo I actually took. You can shoot in 640 x 480 pixel JPEG format.

In addition to just taking pictures, you can also take pictures using the prepared face-fitting frame.

The picture taken with the face-fitting frame looks like this.

Normal shooting and short shooting are possible in the movie.

The movie actually shot is below. The file was in RIFF format, the video was 320 x 240 pixels, 15 fps, and the audio was PCM, 16 kHz monaural.

When you shoot a movie with TAKARATOMY 'Skill Up Tablet PC Spica Note', it looks like this --YouTube

When I took a picture, the occupation was displayed with the words 'Congratulations!'. By playing apps and games, related occupations will be unlocked, so you may be able to experience the feeling of working hard with your laptop.

You can also play the Microsoft-supervised app with the 'PC Skills' app.

You need to set it with the keyboard to play the computer skill app.

'W Bunsho Nyuryoku', 'E Hyokei-san', and 'P Presentation' are available for each app that allows you to experience the features of Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

At 'W Bunsho Nyuryoku', you can experience learning and mini games centered on how to use the keyboard. For example, keyboard input practice ...

You can keep a diary. Input is kana input or romaji input, but conversion is not possible, only hiragana and katakana.

At 'E Hyokei-san', you can experience number input and cell input. From functions like a math learning app ...

'Okozuka Icho' that can summarize the balance of Okozukai in a spreadsheet

There is also a 'Jikanwari Hyo' where you can make your own school timetable. It's not as extensible as a PC, but it does provide some practical features for children.

In 'P presentation', you can create business cards ...

There was also a function to display the profile on multiple pages like the actual Poewrpoint.

In addition, the occupation that can be canceled by using the Microsoft supervised app was a teacher.

There is also a mode for game programming.

Of course, it is not a full-fledged one that uses a programming language, but one that uses blocks prepared in advance. You can see how catch games and shooting games work by combining conditional statements and UI panels.

Actually improve your skills ★ Tablet PC When you try using Spica Note, it looks like a notebook PC, but it is just like a notebook PC type toy. Although it is not expandable or flexible enough to be described as a 'kids computer,' it can be used in various ways as a toy, and I got the impression that it is an evolution of an electronic organizer for children.

Perfect for learning how to type on the keyboard from an early age and getting used to working with numbers digitally. In addition, a total of 70 types of various apps, such as an English learning app supervised by the English conversation school ECC, are installed, and it is a big point that not only games but also practical apps are included. When I said, 'I want my child to come into contact with electronic devices from an early age for the future, but it may be too early to buy an expensive PC ...', I felt that it was an ant.

'Skill Up ★ Tablet PC Spica Note' will be released on October 1, 2020. In addition to retail stores nationwide, you can also order at, and the price is 16,440 yen including tax.

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