Universal Tough Camera equipped with movable liquid crystal monitor to waterproof / dustproof / shock resistant "STYLUS TG - 850 Tough"

Toughness compact digital camera boasting a waterproof function of 10 meters in depth and a strong dustproof function for sand and dust while carrying a 180 degree movable monitor on the back is called "STYLUS TG - 850 Tough"is.

Compact digital camera STYLUS TG - 850 Tough | Olympus

OlympusMonthly Marine DivingThe best waterproof digital camera has a reputation to win the [Best Underwater Digital Camera Brand] for 5 consecutive years.

Such Olympus' latest toughness · compact · digital camera is "STYLUS TG - 850 Tough". The color is developed in two colors, white and black.

With the front like this, the number of effective pixels is 16 million pixels, the imaging device is a 1 / 2.3 type CMOS sensor, the focal length of the lens is 3.74 to 18.7 mm, the open F value is W 3.5 to T 5.7.

From the left to the top is a power button, shutter button, zoom lever


A movable monitor that can rotate 180 degrees on the back.


You can also direct the monitor to the front of the camera with this feeling, so you can take yourself.

With this size feeling with your hands, the weight is 218 g and light, even including batteries and cards.

"It's okay even if I drop it with the monitor open like this," said a representative of the booth.

Since it has a waterproof function up to 10 meters in depth, you can use it for snorkeling and diving, and you can leave memories underwater securely.

In addition, since it boasts macro performance that is close to optical five times zoom and subject 1 cm, I will not miss taking any scenes.

Also, even if you lose the camera underwater, you are safeFloat strapAnd other accessories are sold separately.

The release date of STYLUS TG - 850 Tough is around the end of March 2014, and the price is expected to be about 35,000 yen.

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