A panel where an ordinary LCD monitor becomes a multi-touch display appeared, it was possible to operate without a mouse

Although functions that can be operated just by touching the display have gained popularity mainly on smart phones, tablet terminals, etc., a panel that "ordinary LCD monitor becomes multi-touch display" appeared.

Because you can operate without using the mouse just by touching the screen, more intuitive operation may be possible.

Details are as below.
A normal monitor turns into a touch screen! Multi-touch compatible touch screen panel Donya Direct DN-UMTS series [★] Shanghai wholesaler - head office

According to the online shop of "Shanghai wholesale store" which sells memory cards and personal computer peripherals, it seems that the panel "DN-UMTS series", where the monitor becomes a multi-touch display, was launched today from just today by installing it on an ordinary monitor .

Models for 21.5 inches, 23.6 inches, 24 inches are available according to the size of the LCD monitor, and the price is 12,999 yen.

This is "DN - UMTS series".

It is attached to the back of the monitor by a belt.

It will look like this when installed.

This "DN - UMTS series" supports the multi - touch function of the Windows 7 standard, it can also perform zooming, rotation, flick operation, etc, and also input and operation with a pen using the attached stylus pen It can do smoothly and easily.

Moreover, because connection with personal computer is a plug & play specification which OS recognizes automatically only by connecting with USB, touch panel operation can be done without mouse, so if you use it in combination with drawing software and learning software, input device It is said to be.

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