How a maximum 20 meters, USB extension cable that can be used even in remote places

Although it is a USB terminal which is also used for connecting external HDD, mouse, keyboard, as well as portable audio player and mobile phone connection, even small fan etc., there are times when you want extension cable.

Some may say "I want to connect the room over the room and connect with a USB", but a USB extension cable of up to 20 meters to meet the needs of such a person appeared.

【20 m】 USB 2.0 Extension Cable Repeater Cable (20 m) Donya Direct DN - UF 20 R (USB Repearter 20 M) [★] | PC peripheral equipment · brand item 【Shanghai wholesale store】 Mail order site

Have it as a game player controllerWireless keyboard mouseOr perhaps unlikely to be in useMysterious adapter that can be used by replacing 3 SIM cards,UsualPanel on which the LCD monitor becomes a multi-touch display,FurthermoreHigh capacity alkaline dry battery of 8 yen 99 yenAccording to the official page of Shanghai wholesaler selling such as, it seems that we released a new USB extension cable.

This is the USB extension cable that was released this time.

Three types are available, 5 meters (1499 yen), 10 meters (1999 yen), 20 meters (2999 yen), depending on the application.

Cable body

In order to secure the electric power necessary for cable extension, separately, a USB terminal for power supply is attached. It is possible to stabilize the operation of the equipment.

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