Inexpensive adapters that can convert "USB miniB" and "HDMI mini" terminals to normal size are on sale

In addition to the fact that the "USB mini B terminal" has been used for a long time in mobile devices, recently, the "HDMI Mini Terminal", the HDMI terminal has been miniaturized, is beginning to be mounted mainly on high-end smart phones and so on Even if you try to connect a device to a computer etc., you need to purchase a conversion cable, so it is difficult to say that it can be used easily.

However, an inexpensive conversion adapter that solves such user's troubles appeared. You can use existing cables etc, so it may be good to have around one.

Details are as below.
USB 2.0 conversion adapter series Donya direct DNC-UTMUC / DNC-MUTUC [M 01] Shanghai wholesaler - head office

HDMI conversion adapter series Donya Direct DNC-HDTMHDC / DNC-MHDTHDC [M 01] Shanghai wholesaler - Head office

According to the online shop of "Shanghai wholesale store" which sells memory cards and personal computer peripherals, it is said that today we began selling adapters that convert USB miniB terminals and HDMI mini terminals. The price is 299 yen for USB mini B terminal compatible model, 399 yen for HDMI mini terminal correspondence model.

USB miniB terminal compatible model. This is a model that adopted the general "USB A type" plug and "USB miniB" socket.

The model which adopted "USB miniB" plug and "USB A type" socket is also available.

HDMI mini terminal correspondence model. Adopted a general "HDMI type A" plug and "HDMI type C (HDMI mini)" socket.

Here we adopt "plug of HDMI type C (HDMI mini)" and "socket of" HDMI type A ".

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