IPod-like silhouette USB rechargeable cairo

A notebook PC dedicated bag that can be used while standingYaConverter which converts analog output of composite output to HDMIShanghai wholesale shop handling the pretty Kiwamono, etc. sell USB rechargeable Cairo according to the cold season.

Easy to carry around in the cold season! Handheld warmer handheld USB Rechargeable Cairo Shanghai wholesaler DN - SAB - MF 1605 [Eco] [M 02] | PC peripheral equipment · Brand item 【Shanghai wholesale store】 Mail order site

There is a power switch on the top.

There is a small strap hole on the bottom side.

The whole is like this. The body is silver, somewhat stylish.

USB cable and cover included. About 90 minutes to 180 minutes can be used with charging for about 2 hours.

I feel that this silhouette of Cairo is quite similar to iPod nano. Rather, it may be Ali to remodel old iPod to make it into Cairo.


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