Announcing the special feature video of the movie 'Pentel in Entotsu Town' based on the blockbuster picture book

A special

news video of ' Movie Entotsu-cho no Puppel ' based on ' Pentel of Entotsu-cho ', which made an exceptional hit as a picture book, has been released.

Special report of 'Movie Entotsu-cho no Pupelle' [released in December]-YouTube

The stage is 'Entotsu Town' covered in smoke

What appeared in front of a lonely boy, Rubic...

Puppel born from garbage

Animation produced by

STUDIO 4℃ of “Tekkonkinkreet”, “Child of the Sea Beast”, and “Mutafukaz”

The theater release is scheduled for December 2020.

The original author, Ryohiro Nishino, said, 'I was so impressed! It's a messy 30 seconds! I'd like the video to flow from my comment!'

The poster visual looks like this.

◆ Work information on 'Pupel in the movie Entotsu town'
Production Conductor/Original/Screenplay: Ryohiro Nishino
Director: Yusuke Hirota
Animation production: STUDIO 4℃
Distribution: Toho = Yoshimoto Kogyo
Production: Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.

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