'One Page Dungeon' that can automatically generate a fantasy world view dungeon map

' One Page Dungeon ' is a web service that can be used for free because it automatically creates dungeons that appear in fantasy RPGs.

It is a dungeon map that can be used for table talk RPGs and homebrew games, and can also be used for commercial games.

One Page Dungeon by watabou

The top page looks something like this. The dungeon map has already been generated at the top of the page when you access it.

Not only the dungeon map is generated, but also the name and description of the dungeon and the description of the small room with numbers are randomly generated.

For example, the dungeon below is a 'House of Fire King' dungeon. 'It's deep in a frozen land, far from civilization. Recently rediscovered by a group of goblins,' the description says, so you can imagine a situation occupied by a group of goblins. ..

Room 1 says 'There is a large stone double door on the south wall of the hall,' so there seems to be a door that cannot be opened easily. In the second room, a 'treasure box containing gems' is placed, and 'I wonder if there are goblins protecting the treasure box...'

In 'One Page Dungeon', data output and display switching are operated with the keyboard. You can output dungeon map data in PNG format by pressing the 'E' key. A file similar to the image below is output.

You can press the 'Enter' key to automatically generate another dungeon map with different room numbers and shapes. Note that if you create a new dungeon, the previously created dungeon cannot be restored.

By switching the display, you can change the description display and grid display of each room. For example, in the map below 'Mausoleum of Sorrows'...

If you press the 'N' key, the number disappears and it changes to a balloon-like explanation display.

If you press 'N' again, the explanation of each room will be bulleted...

Press 'N' again to hide the description. It is also tailored to the needs of people who want to automatically generate maps, but want to decide the elements of each room by themselves!

You can change the grid display by pressing the 'G' key.

You can also hide the grid by pressing the 'G' key.

If you press the 'R' key, the map will be displayed straight.

You can change the water level in the map by pressing 'Shift' + 'W'. From no water at all...

Most of the rooms can be set up to be flooded, and it is possible to create a map with special conditions such as 'the water level changes depending on the dungeon situation'.

Oleg Dolya, an indie game developer who created 'One Page Dungeon,' also publishes a free web service that automatically creates fictional villages and medieval fictional cities on his website.


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