"Flakes" that you can freely create sophisticated geometric snow crystals with typing

Snow crystals arising from the phenomenon of swelling when water freezes also has a mysterious aspect that is not two of the same shape while also keeping its beauty. It is possible to freely create just by typing the 3D model of its surprisingly sophisticated and beautiful snowflakes with a keyboardFlakes"I tried creating crystals actually with the service.


Open the above URL and press spacebar.

Small snow crystals are displayed, so pressing any of the alphabet keys on the keyboard ... ...

Crystal grows as shape changes.

Every time you type one key, snow crystal grows.

Depending on the key pressed, the degree of change in shape and size is different.

It is quite close to snow crystal ... ...

This completes the crystal of snow. Press the Space key again ...

The snow crystals that have been made become smaller ...

You can play again.

You can check the state of making snow crystal with "Flakes" from the movie below.

I made snow crystal with "Flakes" - YouTube

Even if you push the keyboard into the mechanism, it will create clean snow crystals. When properly hitting the keyboard, the crystal is completed at once and there is also a refreshing feeling. You can post the completed crystal to SNS and share it. When making snowflakes, fantastic music is flowing and there is no doubt that you will be immersed in a world like a quiet snowy country.

◆ bonus
With Flakes you can freely create 3D snow crystals, but where you also care how actual snow crystals can be made. Since the movie that shoots the appearance of genuine snow crystal is released, it seems that you can enjoy the world of snow even if combined with Flakes.

The Creation of a Snowflake (Snowflake forming) - YouTube

On the ice is a snowy crystal shaped like a needle and a dazzling object.

As the temperature decreases, the transparency of the ice rises ......

Crystals are made with the feeling that tree branches grow.

It gradually became like it.

Snow crystal grows as it approaches a hexagon. The size of the grown snow crystal is about 0.6 mm from the end to the end,formHe seems to be different depending on temperature and humidity.

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