The theory that "There are two same things in snow crystal" is overcome

It was known that the crystals of snow took complex shapes, there were no two same things. However, by skillfully manipulating the conditions of snow crystallization, American researchers succeed in artificially producing snow crystals of the same shape.

Who Ever Said No Two Snowflakes Were Alike? - The New York Times

California Institute of TechnologyKenneth · LibrettoProfessor succeeded in artificially creating snow crystals of the same shape with a sapphire glass based cooling system.

You can check how the same shape of crystals are created from the "nucleus" of snow with the following movie.

Small dusts less than 1 μm are cooled in the air to create ice crumbs, and snow is born as water molecules solidify and grow at the center of the ice cracks. However, the temperature, humidity and falling speed surrounding the nucleus of snow will continue to change until the snow falls from the sky to the ground, so the snow crystals that will eventually be formed will be linear, planar, It was known to be different depending on conditions such as stereoscopic ones.

Same crystals do not exist in exactly the same condition in nature because there is absolutely no identical condition, but "If the same conditions are artificially created, the same crystal can be formed?" Is Professor Librette I succeeded in making ice crystals of exactly the same shape by artificially changing the environment of two ice grains put in the cooling device.

Professor Librett names the snow crystal growing in exactly the same form as an identical twin and calls it "Identical Twins".

It is an Identical Twins growing in exactly the same shape, but it is not exactly the same on the molecular level.

The experiment of generating Identical Twins was carried out as part of research on how snow crystals take structure due to environmental change, and the crystal structure predicted to grow along the glass surface in this study is actually It seems that new knowledge such as growing like stretching out three-dimensionally like mushrooms was obtained.

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