The 'Tutankhamen race' and 'Tutankhamen chair removal' using the Tutankhamen secretly added in the 'Atsume Animal Forest' appde are devised.

Two free summer updates for Atsume Animal Forest added new elements such as fireworks . Not only fireworks were added along with the update, but also a new DIY recipe ' Tutankhamen ' was added, but mini games played wearing this Tutankhamen are suddenly popular.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are playing King Tut minigames-Polygon

In the second summer free update, a 'fall' element has been added. This is because the player rarely falls when running around.

In addition, a new DIY recipe “Tutankhamen” has been added in the second free update for summer as well. The recipe seems to be inspirational at the moment when you get 'kinkoseki' which can be rarely obtained when you hit the rock in the game.

Wearing this Tutankhamen will greatly increase the probability of a player falling. How often you will fall is obvious at the following movie. The frequency of falls seems to be completely random.

With the advent of a special item that makes it easier to fall, Atsumaru Animal Forest users are devising 'play with Tutankhamen'. Overseas game media Polygon wrote, 'If you put on a tutankhamun and add random elements, even a simple act of moving from one place to another will be very interesting.'

As for how you are actually playing, for example, the following users wear Tutankhamen and run on the beach. Since it falls completely randomly, the result of the race seems to be unlucky.

There are also people who are racing with a large number of people.

A person who tweeted, 'Because it was defeated in the Tutankhamen race, it was also a problem in Mario Kart and in the Animal Forest.'

In addition, there are people who use 'Otoshiana no Seed' to make the race even more ferocious.

Some people said, “I tried competing for insects and fishing while wearing Tutankhamen”.

There are also people who play a chair-picking game while wearing Tutankhamen.

The flocks of Tutankhamen running around are chaos itself.

It falls completely randomly when you wear Tutankhamen, so if you fall at the moment when the music stops, you will be completely unable to sit down.

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In addition, you can see how to play the chair picking game with your friends in 'Atsume Animal Forest' by reading the following article.

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