Horror productions such as blood splashing, murder, ceremonies, etc. are in fashion in the `` Atsushi Animal Crossing '' with a friendly atmosphere

' Amateur Animal Crossing ', a software for Nintendo Switch released on March 20, 2020, is a game to enjoy slow life with cute little animals. However, there are a lot of players who enjoy horror productions in this 'Gathered Animal Crossing', and the game media is featured.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now a horror game, thanks to fans-Polygon

Nintendo's popular game series Animal Crossing is a game where you can live a relaxed life in the villages and islands where animals live. As with the previous series, the main theme of the new 'Azumare Animal Forest' is to enjoy cute animals and slow life, but the 'horror effect' is the opposite of the style. It is popular among fans for some reason.

RATVOID, a Twitter user, posted an ominous screenshot that used an ax to stand behind an animal and a friend, using a whitewashed face.

In the same way, a suspicious figure standing with an ax behind a villager sitting on a bench ...

The tweet 'Animal Forest Horror Movie' is accompanied by a screenshot of Murabi with blood splashing on his face and costume. This seems to be produced by sticking to the face and costumes what was originally created in 'My Design' of 'Gathered Animal Crossing'.

My Design can be worn not only as a face and clothes, but also on the ground. A user who draws ominous blood marks on the floor using this function. In a simple room, knives and scissors on the wall increase the ominity.

Paint the ground of Johnny launched on the beach red and hold an ax in his hand to complete a scene that is too sinister. I have even taken a smile commemorative photo.

'Day 45 on the island. Food and resources are gone and the animals are savage. I've been trapped in the house for three weeks, but I can hear the raccoon rattling my door into my door. Help is coming. There is a person who posts a picture with 'HELP (help)' on the wall with blood, along with a horror-style tweet.

Some people create multiple blood splashes in My Design and create a 'murder mystery island'.

'I've never played Animal Crossing but I think it feels good.'

Congratulations on the contrary, it looks like your pupil is open, and on the contrary it is scary.

'Atsushi Animal Crossing' allows you to import your own designs created with the past work ' Tobidase Animal Crossing ' and ' Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer ' with QR code. You can read the QR code from the Tanu Portal of the smartphone application ' Nintendo Switch Online '.

Therefore, some people distribute my horror My Designs for 'Gathered Animal Crossing'.

Of course, some people create a horror atmosphere without my design.

'Amateur Animal Crossing' and ' DOOM Eternal ' have the same overseas release date on March 20th, so many fan arts featuring Shizue of 'Animal Crossing' and the main character of 'DOOM' have appeared Did. Actor and voice actor Matthew Mercer tweeted, 'Some people chose DOOM, some people chose animal crossings ... but the true vision is to overcome those limitations.' Arrange something like a magic circle in the 'Animated Animal Crossing' and post a moment as if you were opening the gate of hell and trying to summon a monster from the world of DOOM.

In the tweet, 'Stop here if you want a savepoint,' a villager with an ax shouts in front of the cult's emblem in Silent Hill .

Furthermore, a combination of multiple My Designs draws a humanoid on the ground, making it easier to get a scoop.

A relatively easy-to-make item called 'bamboo shoots' and 'desired beds' creates an eerie atmosphere.

Recreate the world of Akumajo Dracula ...

'I'm following', 'Enter', 'You're dying now', and some fierce creators who make horror 3-frame comics with screenshots also appear.

A horrible tweet surrounded by a lot of peaches.

Produce a horror room with imported My Design.

Ominous roulette and pashari.

Some people create original murder houses.

'Let's begin the blood ceremony ...'

'Small horror shop'

Overseas game media Polygon said that `` Murabito '' who participated in the Animal Crossing series in the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U played a big turn around with various characters, so `` Evilities such as bloody and bloody '' The atmosphere was already matched. ' In addition, we praise the high degree of freedom of the “Azumare Animal Crossing Forest” that can produce not only a soft atmosphere but also various atmospheres as “you can produce various effects according to your aesthetics”.

Also, instead of just horror, there are also cute horrors, so rabbit clothes with kitchen knives and ...

A colorful skeleton T-shirt was picked up. In addition, this is the T-shirt of the dream dream that appears in the idolmaster Cinderella Girls .

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