The person responsible for Intel's 7 nm process development leaves the company, is it due to delay in 7 nm process development?

Chief Engineer Murthy Renduchintala, who has been responsible for 7nm process development, announced on August 27, 2020 that Intel's CEO Bob Swan announced new heads of each division of the company. Announced to leave the company. It has been pointed out that Renduchintala's departure was due to Intel's massive delay in 7nm process development.

Intel Makes Changes to Technology Organization | Intel Newsroom

Intel Reorganizes In Wake of 7nm Woes; Chief Engineering Officer Murthy Renduchintala To Depart

Ann Kelleher, who was in charge of Intel's manufacturing department, continued to supply chips to meet customer needs while maintaining continuous operation during the pandemic period of the new coronavirus, and spread the adoption of Intel's 10 nm process chip. It is the person who has accelerated. Kelleher will now lead the Technology Division and lead the development of 7nm and 5nm processes. Along with this, Mike Mayberry, who has been leading Intel's technology department so far, will concentrate on consulting and support work until the retirement age scheduled for the end of 2020. Mayberry has a 36-year track record of leading development at Intel and has made significant contributions to the company's technology development.

Keyvan Esfarjani will be responsible for Intel's manufacturing and operations department. Esfarjani, who has been a manufacturing leader in Intel's Nonvolatile Memory Solutions Group (NSG), has developed the company's vision and strategy for memory manufacturing and has led the rapid expansion of memory capacity. Esfarjani will continue the work of Kelleher, who has led the international manufacturing operations at Intel, and will continue to promote the construction of new

foundries .

Josh Walden is appointed interim head of Intel's design engineering department. Walden has a proven track record in technology manufacturing and platform engineering, and has continued to lead the Intel Product Assurance and Security Group (IPAS), even after becoming Interim Head of Design Engineering.

Raja Koduri will continue to be responsible for the architecture, software and graphics department. He has a proven track record of driving Intel's architecture and software strategy as well as the development of dedicated graphics product portfolios. Under him, Intel will build software engineering with expertise in cloud platform solution services.

The person in charge of the supply chain department will remain unchanged, and Randhir Thakur will be in charge as before. Intel will understand that the role of the department is becoming more important as Thakur will be appointed as Supply Chain Officer reporting directly to CEO Swan.

In addition to these changes, it was also announced that Chief Engineer Murthy Renduchintala, who has been involved in Intel's 7nm process development, will leave the company on August 3, 2020. Jim Keller, who has worked as a chip design executive at Intel, left the company in June 2020 for personal reasons, and as a result, two of the company's key chip developers will leave the company in just two months.

Since Intel has just announced that there is a 6-month delay in delivering the next-generation 7nm process product, Renduchintala may have taken the responsibility of delaying the 7nm process development. It has been pointed out .

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