Intel announces development of next-generation glass core substrate, reveals plan to deploy by 2030

Intel announced on September 18, 2023 that it has developed a glass core substrate for next-generation chip packaging. It is said that it will be able to provide chips with higher power efficiency and higher temperature resistance than conventional boards, and higher performance.

Intel Unveils Industry-Leading Glass Substrates to Meet Demand for More Powerful Compute :: Intel Corporation (INTC)

Intel Shows Off Work on Next-Gen Glass Core Substrates, Plans Deployment Later in Decade

A chip is a necessary component for a computer to work, but the chip itself cannot connect its core to the motherboard. Modern computers increasingly have multiple chip cores mounted on a single board. However, since most current organic substrates are made of plastic, there is a possibility that they may deform and warp when multiple chips are mounted on them.

Glass is more rigid than plastic, and is thermally and mechanically stable, making it possible to significantly improve interconnect density. According to Intel, glass substrates reduce pattern distortion by 50% and improve lithography depth of focus, enabling more precise and accurate semiconductor manufacturing.

In addition, glass-core substrates can seamlessly integrate optical interconnects that consume less power and move data more efficiently. 'Glass substrates' high-temperature tolerance and power properties will enable us to achieve 1 trillion transistors on a single package by 2040,' Intel said. We can continue to move forward.'

Additionally, Intel has released a demonstration model of its glass core substrate technology.

Chips that use glass core substrates are said to be suitable for AI applications and data centers, and Intel plans to start shipping products that use glass core substrates by 2030.

'After 10 years of research, Intel has achieved a glass-core substrate that leads the advanced packaging industry,' said Badak Sabi, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Assembly and Test Development at Intel. We look forward to delivering cutting-edge technology that will benefit our leading enterprise and foundry customers for decades to come.'

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