Arm announces that it will transfer its IoT department to SoftBank

ARM , a semiconductor design company known for its ARM architecture , has announced plans to transfer part of its Internet of Things (IoT) division to the SoftBank Group. Arm says it will focus on its core semiconductor business going forward.

Arm intends to strengthen focus on core semiconductor IP – Arm

Arm proposes spinning off IoT businesses into new Softbank-owned entities | ZDNet

Two divisions, 'IoT Platform' and 'Treasure Data' under Arm's IoT service group, will be transferred. “SoftBank has the experience of managing fast-growing, early-stage businesses, enabling us to maximize the value of our IoT segment.” Simon Cigars, CEO of Arm, said. We will be in a better position to innovate and will greatly help our partners to gain the opportunity to expand their range of computer solutions.'

Arm says it has shipped more than 165 billion ARM-based chips so far, with an average of 22 billion shipped annually over the three years from 2017, and demand for computing is rising with the spread of IoT, 5G, and AI. I have explained.

While part of the IoT division was transferred, the IP business of semiconductor design remains in Arm. In other words, Arm will focus on the semiconductor IP business in the future. In fact, Arm's CPU architecture has been active in many areas in recent years. For example, the Japanese supercomputer 'Togaku', which has more than 150,000 Fujitsu-based A64FX ARM-based CPUs, ranked first in four world rankings.

Japanese supercomputer ``Togaku'' won first place in four world rankings-GIGAZINE

Apple has also announced plans to migrate its Mac processor to a proprietary ARM-based processor, Apple Silicon.

Apple announces ``Apple Silicon'' migrating to proprietary processor on Mac, iPhone & iPad application is also available on Mac-GIGAZINE

In addition, Amazon's cloud computing business, Amazon Web Services, also announced that it has adopted its own ARM-based processor 'Graviton 2'.

Amazon Web Services announces next-generation ARM processor ``Graviton 2'' uniquely designed with 7 nm process-GIGAZINE

The transfer of the IoT Service Group will be implemented after a review by the Board of Directors, customary closing conditions and consultation with representatives of local staff. If all goes well, the transfer will be completed by the end of September 2020.

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