'NVIDIA's acquisition of Arm will create a technology monopoly,' said Arm co-founder.

In September 2020, NVIDIA, one of the world's largest chip makers, acquired British semiconductor maker Arm Holdings for about 4.2 trillion yen. In a letter to the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament, Hermann Hauser, co-founder of a company called Cambridge Processor Unit, the predecessor of Arm Holdings, said, 'The acquisition of Arm Holdings has made NVIDIA a technology. It will be possible to monopolize. '

Arm co-founder: Nvidia takeover would create another US tech monopoly | Business | The Guardian


Arm Holdings is a semiconductor manufacturer with approximately 6,500 employees and is known for developing the ' Arm Architecture ', a RISC architecture for processors.

Arm Holdings acquired all shares of SoftBank in 2016 and split its business in July 2020. And on September 14, 2020, it was announced that everything except the IoT division will be sold to NVIDIA for about 4.2 trillion yen.

Softbank sells Arm to NVIDIA for about 4.2 trillion yen-GIGAZINE

In a letter to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, 'No semiconductor company in the world has an Arm-licensed chip. NVIDIA is about to become an almost exclusive supplier in the world of microprocessors.' He said, he fears that he could become a technology company as exclusive as Google and Facebook.

'This acquisition marks the end of Arm Holdings' position in the'semiconductor industry'Switzerland,' Hauser said. NVIDIA's acquisition of Arm Holdings' parent company is Arm Holdings' fair business. It will destroy the model and ultimately kill the world's leading British tech company.

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'A natural and highly desirable alternative is that the British government will use its convocation rights to lead Arm licensee syndications, the British Pension Fund, and other directives, the London Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange,' Hauser said. It's about going public on the Stock Exchange or the Shanghai Star Market to acquire Arm Holdings shares and fighting to maintain UK technology assets and not fall into this sneaky situation again. ' , Said the state should save Arm Holdings against NVIDIA.

Not only Hauser, but Ed Miliband , a British Labor Party Toush, has made similar complaints, saying, 'It is unclear whether NVIDIA will maintain the operation of the UK headquarters and the employment of employees in the UK.' He insists that he should intervene in the government.

'Technology sovereignty is rapidly becoming a decisive issue in the last decade,' Hauser said. 'Given the importance of IT infrastructure compared to water and power infrastructure, NVIDIA's Arm The acquisition of Holdings is clearly related to national security, 'he insists.

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