Apple hires former ARM CPU designer, designs Cortex-A76 etc as lead architect


Matheus Cenali

Apple's move from an Intel processor to an ARM processor is what the maker Intel itself is expecting. As a concrete move, it was found that Mike Filippo, a lead CPU architect at ARM, joined Apple.

Apple Hires ARM's Lead CPU Architect Amid Rumors of ARM-Based Macs as Early as 2020-MacRumors

Apple (AAPL) Hires ARM Top Chip Engineer Mike Filippo-Bloomberg

This was clarified by Filippo's LinkedIn profile. Filippo designed the chip at AMD in 1994-2004, and then in CPU and system design at Intel in 2004-2009. And since 2009, ARM has developed 'Cortex-A57' (announced in 2012), 'Cortex-A72' (announced in 2015), and 'Cortex-A76' (announced in 2018).

According to Bloomberg, ARM admits that Filippo has left the company, 'Mike has been an important member of the ARM community for many years. We thank him for his hard work, and his next job is fine. 'I hope to go ahead,' he said.

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