'Pandemic: Hot Zone' is a game that even beginners can play crisply while being compact, saving everyone from the spread of new virus infection


Pandemic: A New Trial ' is a cooperative board game in which you will be a member of the new antivirus team and work together to confront an infectious disease pandemic . The 'Pandemic : Hot Zone, ' which is designed to be compact and to be played in a short time, will be released on June 30, 2020. In order to save the spread of the virus infection in the continent of North America, I tried playing with 4 editorial staff.

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The 'Pandemic: Hot Zone' package looks like this.

Assuming 2 to 4 players, 30 minutes playing time, and age 8 or older.

The content is a rule manual and game board, cards and various tokens and pieces.

The Pandemic: Hot Zone is designed to be more compact than the world-wide setting of the Pandemic: New Trials and is limited to the North American continent. The size of the board is about 30 cm × about 40 cm, and you can see the size well when you arrange it with iPhone X with a long side of 143.6 mm.

City and crisis cards, event cards, epidemic cards

The player has only 4 types of expert cards. The player randomly draws.

First, place the player token in the Atlanta square. You can choose the color of the player token that corresponds to the color of each expert card. In the 'Pandemic: Hot Zone', only Atlanta will have a base as an activity base.

Place the infection rate marker on the leftmost square marked '2'.

Place the outbreak marker in the top square at the top right of the board.

Since we will be playing with 4 players this time, we will shuffle 24 city cards and 4 event cards and distribute 2 cards to each player.

After distributing your hand, divide the remaining cards into 3 piles, and place one epidemic card in each pile.

Three piles are piled up and placed as a deck in the card deck place at the bottom left of the game board.

Shuffle the 24 infected cards and place them in the upper left of the game board.

First, determine which city has the virus. Draw two cards from the infected card...

Place three pathogen pieces of the same color in each city. Pathogen coma indicates the virus infection level of the city, and up to 3 can be placed in the city.

Two draws again...

This time, two pathogen pieces are placed.

Draw two more...

Place each pathogen coma one by one. The purpose of the 'Pandemic: Hot Zone' is to say that 'virus infection has begun in a total of 6 cities! Experts work together to develop therapeutic drugs and save North America from destruction!'

The game progress is very simple, just proceed clockwise from 'Player performs action 4 times' → 'Turn two city cards' → 'Turn infected card'.

The most basic actions a player can take are 'city migration' and 'elimination of pathogen pieces.' For example, in the image below, the commander (pink) player acted as follows.
1: Move from Atlanta to Miami
2: Move from Miami to Havana
3: Remove one pathogen coma in Havana
4: Remove one pathogen coma in Havana

There are other actions that players can take. For example, the following scene where the generalist (grey) arrived in Havana, where the dispatcher is.

The generalist happened to have a Havana city card in his hand. By consuming one action, you can 'pass the card of the city you are in to the player in the same place as you'. There, the generalist gives the dispatcher a Havana card.

Now the dispatcher has four yellow city cards in his hand. With four city cards of the same color, a player can spend 1 action to “develop a remedy”.

The next turn, the dispatcher returned to Atlanta and was able to develop a remedy by discarding four yellow city cards. There are three types of pathogens, red, yellow, and blue, and if you develop all three types of remedies, the game will be clear. However, it should be noted that the drug development can only be done in Atlanta.

When you finish 4 actions and draw 2 city cards, you can mix epic cards with city cards and draw epidemic cards. Epidemics put humanity in a more unfavorable situation because the pathogen spreads the infection rapidly.

If you get an epidemic card, draw one from the bottom of the infected cards...

Place 3 pathogen pieces in the city.

In addition, shift the infection rate marker to the right by one. The infection rate marker indicates the number of infected cards that will be flipped at the end of the turn. At first, the number of flips was two, but when the epidemic happens twice, it increases to three, and when it happens three times, it increases to four.

Then the shuffle of the infected cards is shuffled and placed on the deck, and the epidemic ends. After the epidemic is over, flip the infected card as usual. The infection card is that you have to increase the number of pathogen coma one by one in the city you flipped out. The infection level in that city will increase by one.

For example, in the following scene, I flipped over an infected card in Toronto.

I tried to put one pathogen coma in Toronto, but there were already three pathogen pieces in Toronto.

If the city's infection level exceeds 3, an outbreak occurs. The virus spreads rapidly, increasing the level of infection in surrounding cities by one. In the case of Toronto, the level of infection in the adjacent Chicago, Montreal, and New York will increase by one.

Then move the outbreak marker down by one. The game is over when the outbreak occurs 4 times. If there are multiple cities with infection level 3, the outbreak will call for further outbreaks, and humans may be destroyed in a blink of an eye.

Event cards that bring about advantageous conditions for humankind may appear from city cards. In addition to your hand, you can activate event cards at any time you like.

'Airlift' is the ability to move any player to a city of your choice at any time. When you want to hand over a city card, or when the infection level of a city in a very distant place suddenly rises, you can carry things more advantageously by using “air transportation” in anticipation of future development It will be possible.

And special skills are available for professionals to represent humanity in combating raging pathogens in the North American continent. For example, generalists have the ability to perform actions five times, which normally would only be possible four times.

I think that it is only 4 times increased to 5 times, but it is very excellent that more actions can be done. One more action means more pathogen coma can be removed, so you can stop the infection at the last minute.

The medic can also remove all pathogen pieces in the city in one action.

In addition, he also has a powerful skill that 'if you are developing a therapeutic drug, you can unconditionally remove all pathogen coma in your city', 'just moving the city will clean all the viruses. There are also scenes in which all the players are quizzed, saying that the medic is no longer a biological weapon.

With care to prevent the infection from exploding in such a way, we will proceed with the development of therapeutic drugs by exchanging cards while passing through epidemics and outbreaks.

The game is cleared when all the remedies can be developed. It took about 30 minutes to complete one game. With four players, each game will take about three laps, and the key to saving humanity is to share the roles while discussing with the players from the beginning.

For even more difficulty, you can mix crisis cards with city cards to play. Crisis cards are cards that cause unfavorable events for humanity.

For example, the following “hygiene policy failure” is to advance the infection rate marker by one space. When the infection rate marker goes up, the number of infected cards to be drawn increases, which may lead to a disadvantageous situation.

Certainly, the impression that the difficulty level has risen considerably when a crisis card is inserted. We struggled to lower the infection level, and the development of the remedy by handing over the cards did not proceed slowly, and eventually the city card deck was exhausted. Of course, if the city card stocks are exhausted, the game cannot proceed, so the game is over.

'Pandemic: Hot Zone' can be played crisply because one game ends in about 20 to 30 minutes, and it was a much more compact design than 'Pandemic: New Trials'. However, the difficulty of the game is not so bad at all, and because the game has become compact and the player's ability is limited and the game progresses even faster, the appeal of 'pandemic: a new trial' As it is, you can enjoy the last minute battle with the pathogen quickly.

Even if human beings are defeated, it is a big point that you can feel free to try 'Try again!' In addition, since the rules are very simple in a cooperative board game, it is a perfect game for people who are used to board games and board game beginners to play together.

'Pandemic: Hot Zone' can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp. At the time of writing the article, the price is 2600 yen including tax.

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