'CHAINsomnia ~ Akuma's Castle and Children ~' playing review which reproduced escape game of super difficulty with a withdrawal rate of 12% with a cooperative board game

" Fate / Grand Order " is known for Delight Works has been planning and development "CHAINsomnia ~ castle and children of the devil -" is, the escape from the castle while the cooperation of the children who were taken away to the castle of the dream of the devil It aims, is a searching and cooperative type board game. Renowned game designer and is Kanaiseiji Mr. and board games cafe " JELLY JELLY CAFE of" representative Sho Shirasaka served as Mr. supervision, has become a hot topic as soon sold out immediately after the sale, "the castle and children of CHAINsomnia ~ Devil ~" is I actually played what kind of game it is.

CHAINsomnia ~ Akuma's castle and children ~

◆ Exterior and contents - Package looks like this. Children sleeping in a corner of the castle where the devil sits are drawn. The number of players of "CHAINsomnia ~ Akuma's castle and children ~" is 1 to 4 people, play time is 40 to 60 minutes, target age is assumed to be 14 years old or more.

On the back of the box are the names of Mr. Canaiiseji and Mr. Sho Shirasaka, and the difficulty of the game was appealed as "escape rate 12%".

The contents are instructions, player comers and dice (dice), tokens, item cards, event cards, player boards, castle tiles, rule summary (overview), mysterious envelopes.

Players' coma puts cardboard with illustration of children in a stand and uses it. There are three dies made of wood.

It is necessary to cut out from the cardboard frame the AP marker with the chain stamped quark token and footprints drawn.

Two types of cards, item cards and event cards.

The player boards contain illustrations, status, and skills of the players' children.

There are 22 castle tiles in all. It is designed to imagine the room of the castle, with walls or doors on each of the four sides.

The castle tile is a square with a side of 10 cm and it is like this when it is aligned with iPhone X with long side 143.6 mm. In actual play, we can arrange 22 pieces of castle tiles of this size, so it seems necessary to secure a considerable area on the desk.

And the mysterious envelope was written to be opened when clearing the game. Apparently it is related to the contents of the ending.

◆ Game preparation - There was an Akuma who took away the soul of a child who fell asleep in a distant, far country to "Dream Castle". Players are the children who awoke in the castle of dreams, the story of this game is to find out the exit of Akuma's castle together with the force and aim for escape.

First I tried tutorial mode with four editorial staff. First distribute player board and rule summary to each player. Even if you distribute the player board at random, it's because you do not mind yourself, so this time we get randomly. Furthermore, "Timi" on the right of the image was for advanced users.

When you receive the player board, put two Kusari tokens from the top on the skeleton gauge on the left side of the board. Then place the AP marker in the place with the same number in the top number visible in the Kusari gauge and the AP gauge on the right side of the board. In the case of the following image, it was "3", so place the AP marker here.

Then put the tiles written "CHAINsomnia" in the castle tile, arrange the pieces of each player. This "CHAINsomnia" tile will start the escape from the castle.

Connect the other castle tiles to the "CHAINsomnia" tile where each player piece is placed and finally reach the "Wake up" tile which will be the exit, the game clears. The castle tile will shuffle the remaining 16 tiles at the bottom with the "Wake up" tile at the bottom, then stack it for the back and make a deck. Since this time is a tutorial mode, the tile of the deck is only OK with only five sheets excluding the "Wake up" tile. Each player connects a castle tile to the "CHAINsomnia" tile which is the starting point, and if someone gets to the "Wake up" tile which is the last exit, the game clears.

The player must draw a castle tile with his turn and make a way to get to the exit more and more but this event card is a must to draw together as he draws a castle tile. There are good events and bad events on the cards, including "nightmares cards" in which an akuma appears and prevents the player from escaping with players by connecting the chain to the players.

By nightmares cards, if all the garbage gauge is filled like the image below, the child will be caught by the trick and will be out of action. Game over with escape failure when all players become inactive. Kousari token can be delivered to other players, so if you do not manage the xerie gauge while consulting with everyone, everyone will be caught up in the train in the blink of an eye.

There are five special cards at the top of the image on such an event card. Explain the unusual way of dividing the event card into five equal parts so that this card is evenly mixed in the deck, shuffle each special aka card one by one, and stacking the five to stack deck I was ordered by the letter.

"Because the person who slept for the longest time yesterday was the start player", the editorial staff (Ryan) who decided a healthy sleep of 7 hours 30 minutes became the start player and got the start player marker.

◆ I tried to play <br> The turn starts turning clockwise from the start player. The active player can take action by his / her AP. What kind of action can be taken was summarized in a rule summary in an easy-to-understand manner, so there was no need to check instructions each time.

Ryan first draws a castle tile and makes a way. The castle tile you have pulled in must connect with the castle tile where you are and you need to connect the door and the door.

And, as you draw a castle tile, you have to draw an event card. Ryan pulled in immediately, it was a nightmare card called "Migawari".

On the upper right of the Nightmare Card is the "Chain + 1" mark. Kusari token is attached to Ryan 's skeleton gauge which pulled a nightmare card. In order to make the exit of the castle, I have to draw an event card with the castle tile, but as I pull the nightmare card, I got caught little by little by the chain, and the AP decreased along with it, and the number of behaviors It is decreasing.

The nightmare card that I pulled is placed on the castle tile I just pulled. Since no one can enter a tile where a nightmare card is placed, it is impossible to go ahead without first eliminating this tile. In order to eliminate it is necessary to satisfy the conditions stated on the card, this time you have to discard the item card.

However, since I just started and I do not have items, I start searching for a room saying "I must get items first". There are things in the castle tile that allow you to explore by shaking dice and get items. In the room searched by Ryan this time, if the total of muscular strength or intelligence and dice's eyes is 12 or more, you can get items.

When I shook two dice here, 5 and 2 eyes came out. Ryan's strength is 5, so if it is muscle strength the total is 12 and the condition clear.

Items ranging from very profitable to totally ineffective. The "wing boots" that I got this time was a convenient item that I can move to a movable castle tile, but it has become a waste card to remove the nightmare cards that suddenly failed.

The event cards and item cards you get can be placed on the right or bottom of the rule summary.

When the player's turn turns 1 lap, the "time of Akuma" arrives. A player with a start player marker draws an event card and hands the player marker to the next person. I will advance the game with such feeling, aim for escape.

The item "mystery book" which Vain searched and got admirably said that it is possible to deliver the chain without consuming the AP.

Vein, the son of a borrowing aristocrat, will be able to act five times per turn if you remove all of the quasari tokens, but the number of actions will be drastically reduced if restrained. On the other hand, Chloe who is a daughter of a singer of a barber is a strong girl who can act three times regardless of how many chains it is bound. Therefore, by using "mysterious book" to transfer the chain of Vain to Chloe at once in a blast, we will be in a strategy to increase the number of actions and create a situation that is easier to escape. The feeling of pleasure when players are able to carry out development more advantageously can be said to be the real pleasure of cooperative board games by discussing strategies with such feelings considering strategies.

Also, a special nightmare card "Dazzle" appeared on the way. To the "Wake up" tile we have to eliminate all the nightmare cards on the castle tile before we can goal, so we will go to the harsh conditions that "everyone can not be excluded unless they gather in the room" ... ...

Chloe says that he can scoff out the devil with its beautiful singing voice, eliminating "illusion" with skill "song of the diva illuminating the night". By utilizing the player skill, it is possible to advance the capture of the castle more advantageously.

Finally turning over all the tiles, the connection of the "Wake up" tile was completed, Isaac, a millionaire son, hit the wheelchair and scored a goal. Sometimes it was a tutorial, I was able to clear it with a good margin.

The ending after the game clear is told by the card in the envelope. Because it branches under various conditions, the ending is changed depending on play style and situation. People who care about what kind of ending was, please try playing it actually.

"Although it is written that the evacuation rate is 12%, can you get out of the crowds quite well if we collaborate?", I tried playing with 3 players in the normal mode which tripled the number of castle tiles at once in a row .

However, the fact that the number of castle tiles increases means that opportunities to draw event cards increase. And increasing opportunities to draw event cards means that the probability of pulling a nightmare card to raise the probability of filling the garage gauge will increase. For example, the following "scream" is a special card that has the effect of increasing the number of cards to draw an event card by one.

"Screaming" is sometimes asleep in a deck, and once you pull "scream", the number of cards that draw event cards increases rapidly ... ...

As soon as I notice it, everyone's skeleton gauge gets scraped.

Still using the items and exploring the tiles, we will proceed with the search while reducing chains somehow.

Finally the stage is about to escape with the remaining 2 castle tiles, the rest of all the garbage gathering is 4 squares.

And the time of visiting Akuma. The event card I drew caught a perfect rest at the "chest of drawers", "Add a total of 4 chains for everyone". Everyone became inoperable, so the game was over while escape was in front of me.

The desktop at the time of game over is like this. A lot of space is required for playing, such as on a desk with a large desk or a mat on the floor. The playing time with the rule understood is around 1 hour.

◆ Impressions <br> I actually played it, I felt it was quite high difficulty, suitable for a phrase "escape rate 12%". However, it is not a high degree of difficulty that is impossibly impossible to clear, and it is said that "It can be cleared enough if you play carefully as you are set to the limit that can lead to game over even a little mistake or carelessness," Impression that is adjusted to an exquisite balance. Mixing "screaming" cards in the deck brings up the number of cards that draw event cards, and as the result, the garbage gauge gets buried as it gets lazy, so we need to progress with each other's situation in mind. Of course it is lucky that "What kind of cards will you draw" "Some eyes of dice" is lucky, of course it is lucky to read the beyond the probability, act while discussing, sometimes even if you are sacrificed do not support your opponent It is impossible to escape.

However, it is quite hard to grasp the card type, effect, and player skill so much, even during playing "This apparent effect was ineffective at the time of this character." "Do not draw this card another one There were scenes where scrutiny of understanding and understanding of rules did not catch up and confusion even if information exchange was actively carried out among players, such as "It was inconvenient." It is difficult to grasp all the skills of yourself or your opponent unless you are accustomed to board games and you agree with the higher target age setting "14 years old and over". There is a strict thing if there is not room in the space and time with the contents of the game which is considerably heavy, but the sense of accomplishment at the time of clearing is one point.

"CHAINsomnia ~ Akuma's Castle and Children ~" can be purchased at " Game Market 2019 Osaka " to be held at INTEX Osaka on March 10, 2019 at 4000 yen including tax. Also, it is said that it will be sold at Delightworks' official online store even after the event ends. Furthermore, at the venue of Game Market 2019 Osaka, additional cards of " The Last Brave " card games by Mr. Delightworks and Mr. Canai Issey will also be distributed in time and quantity limited, so those who are interested are sure to visit the venue please look.

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