I tried to deposit a big suit on the automatic locker at Cologne Central Station to hand in 'Cologne tour' by hand

The town of northwest Germany, such as the world heritage Cologne Cathedral, is a city full of charm. A large suitcase is an obstacle when you take a leisurely and leisurely tour of Cologne. I heard that there is a "huge underground warehouse" at Cologne Central Station that will solve the troubles of such travelers, so I tried to deposit large items and things.

I arrived at Cologne Central Station.

If you leave the station, the world heritage "Cologne Cathedral" is a good location in front of you. However, large suitcases get in the way to observe Cologne Cathedral.

For such tourists, Cologne Central Station has an automatic locker that can be stored in an underground warehouse.

It is colorful so you should know it soon. As packages are automatically stored in a huge warehouse in the basement, there is almost no "lockers are not available". "Tourism Cologne tourism" is possible.

I put baggage from the shutter on the bottom left of the photo.

There was explanation of how to use it not only in German but also in English.

The baggage deposit operation is done with the touch panel. The price is 3 euros (about 370 yen) within 2 hours, 6 euros (about 750 yen) within 24 hours, 12 euros (about 1500 yen) within 48 hours, 18 euros (about 2200 yen) within 72 hours It is getting. You can also change the language to English etc. by touching the flag of the screen.

Credit cards as well as cash can be used for payment.

I will deposit my luggage with that. The baggage to be checked is a suitcase of a height of 79 cm × width 53 cm × depth 28 cm with a capacity of 84 L. It is a pretty big baggage which does not cost an additional fee as an air baggage baggage, so it can be said that it is a pretty big baggage.

I selected a 24-hour plan on the touch panel and put money and a shutter opened.

Put the suitcase next to it. There is no margin in the depth (height), but it seems to be able to store even bigger luggage even a little larger.

When the shutter closed, the package was sent to the underground warehouse. If you leave your luggage, the card that comes out will be redeemed for receiving packages.

When leaving big luggage and becoming light, I went to Cologne Cathedral.

After observing the Cologne Cathedral, we will walk through the Hohenzollern bridge while looking at the "padlock of love" that our lovers chose. In addition, it seems that the key of the padlock is thrown into the River Rhine and swears eternal love.

The view of the Cologne Cathedral from the other side is quite good. If you have a big suitcase, you can not watch such a scenery, so the existence of a locker that can be deposited with a big baggage is very grateful.

So, after returning to Cologne we returned to the locker. In addition, lockers are installed in two places, but it is convenient because you can pick up your luggage from a different locker than you deposited.

Put the card in, you can check the situation of collecting luggage in the following movie.

Recovering luggage deposited with underground huge locker at Cologne Central Station - YouTube

With that in mind, the suitcase returned to hand.

After waiting for a while, the shutter of the locker closed.

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