``Uno All Wild'' play review that fights with a ridiculous rule that removes colors and numbers and only wild cards, anyway momentum is important so explosive speed recommended

In April 2022, `` Uno All Wild '', which changed all the cards of the classic card game ``Uno'' into wild cards without colors or numbers, appeared. I actually played to see what kind of game it would be if I removed the concept of color & numbers from Uno, the rule of ``putting out cards of the same number and color''.

All cards are wildcards! ? A new sensation Uno that has nothing to do with numbers or colors! 'Uno All Wild' to enjoy speedy and thrilling game development from mid-April | mattel

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◆ I opened 'Uno All Wild'
The package of 'Uno All Wild' looks like this.

The number of players is assumed to be 2 to 10 people, and the target age is 7 years old or older.

Inside the package was a card and instructions.

Normal Uno contains red, blue, yellow, and green numbered cards, but 'Uno All Wild' has only wild cards that can be put into play regardless of color. There are 112 cards in total, of which 54 are wild cards that do not have normal special effects.

There are 7 types of cards with special effects. 'Wild Skip' to skip the next player (14 cards), 'Wild Reverse' to reverse the play order of the game (14 cards), 'Wild Draw 2' to let the next player draw two cards (10 cards) , In addition to special cards that are familiar with normal Uno such as `` Wild Draw 4 '' (6 cards) that allows the next player to draw 4 cards ......

'Wild Skip 2' (6 cards) to skip the next two players, 'Wild Nomination Draw 2' (4 cards) to let the designated player draw two cards, 'Wild Force' to exchange cards with the designated player There are also cards added in recent Uno rule revisions such as 'Swap' (4 cards) and cards dedicated to 'Uno All Wild'.

◆ I tried playing 'Uno All Wild'
This time, let's play 'Uno All Wild' with 6 people. First, distribute 7 cards to each of the 6 players.

Next, put the top card of the deck into play.

This time the card looks like this. In normal Uno, it is necessary to develop a strategy according to the color and number of the card that first came into play, but in 'Uno All Wild' it is possible to put out a card no matter what card comes into play.

First, I put out Wild Draw 4. In normal Uno, it is ``a super powerful card that allows you to specify the color while letting the opponent draw a card'', but in ``Uno All Wild'', the opponent only draws 4 cards.

The next player reluctantly draws 4 cards. In addition, depending on the table, the rule 'Avoid drawing 4 cards by stacking Wild Draw 4 on Wild Draw 4 and letting the next player draw 8 cards' may be used, but that is a local rule and usually According to the official rules of Uno and 'Uno All Wild', you have no choice but to quietly draw a card when a draw 4 is issued.

In normal Uno, there are only two types of cards that can be drawn, 'Draw 2' and 'Wild Draw 4', but in 'Uno All Wild' there is also a 'Wild Nomination Draw 2' that allows the designated player to draw two cards. To do. For this reason, you may be able to draw cards many times during one play.

The hand after pulling the card looks like this. It's wild.

Even in 'Uno All Wild', Uno's characteristic rule of 'calling 'Uno' when you have only one card left in your hand' is still alive. In 'Uno All Wild', there are basically no scenes where you can't put out cards and there are few scenes that require thinking, so it's easy to lose concentration, but if you're out of concentration, you forget to shout 'Uno!' It will be a saddle to draw two cards.

On your turn, in addition to selecting a card from your hand and putting it into play, you can also draw a card from the deck and put it into play.

The player who drew a wild draw 2 etc. from the deck when the next player had only one card left unintentionally made a guts pose.

When I actually played 'Uno All Wild', it is possible to issue cards in any situation, and the point to be concerned about is whether to 'issue a normal wild card' or 'issue a special wild card' Only one. This kind of complicated bargaining is basically gone, and you can say, 'Let the next player draw two cards,' 'Skip the next player,' and 'Reverse the order of drawing.' Anyway, we will put it out first.'

On the other hand, I want to use 'exchange all cards with the opponent's hand' at the end of the game, so I kept it. It is necessary to be strangely careful, and if you bring it to the state of 'Uno!' Because I had to concentrate on how to target players with a small number of cards and pull their feet together, I surprisingly often forgot to say 'Uno!'.

In addition, if you skip here, your opponent will definitely be able to put out all the cards in their hand. It gradually becomes clear that a small mistake leads to someone's victory immediately, so I forgot to say 'Uno!' The strategy will be in a state where it can be activated considerably.

Also, if you draw a lot of cards, you will almost lose your chances of winning, so even if you are in a situation where you are in a deadly state with normal Uno, the tempo is so good that even in a 6-player game, it will be settled in about 1-2 minutes. As the game progresses, as a result, switching becomes faster with the feeling of 'next!' This area is composed of aggressive rules, and it helps to reduce the stress source of Uno, who has no cards to defend against, so I play as a basic matter to put out cards crisply anyway. Recommended. As a result, I don't think much about whether I should release this or not like I do with normal Uno. Moreover, since ``the first card in hand determines life or death'' more than normal Uno, it is not suitable for cases where ``a card game with a strong luck element may be less strategic.'' Conversely, this is the perfect card game for those who say, 'If you think too much, you always lose...' or 'I don't like playing for a long time.'

'Uno All Wild' has a suggested retail price of 1100 yen including tax, and is available at Amazon.co.jp at 842 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

Amazon.co.jp: Mattel Game Uno (UNO) All Wild [7 years old ~] HHL33: Toys

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