I tried playing 'UNO FLIP', a card with both sides that suddenly starts dark side from usual 'UNO'

UNO FLIP ” has been added to the card game royal road “

UNO ”, which prints over 500 million copies every year, and a rule to use the back side of the card has been added. With the sign of the appearance of the `` flip '' card that flips the back and front of the card, it is said that the usual UNO changes completely and the extreme rules unique to the dark side start, so actually play and see what kind of game it is It was.

A new product featuring both the front and back of the card from “UNO”! 'UNO FLIP' released in late June | mattel

What kind of game is UNO FLIP?
The UNO FLIP package is based on dark purple.

The assumed number of players is 2 to 10, and the target age is 7 years old or older.

On the back of the box, the rules of flipping the hand with a flip card were introduced, along with the phrases “The light side is the usual Uno!” And “The dark side is the hard Uno!”.

The contents are an instruction manual and a card.

There are 4 cards in 4 colors, green, blue, yellow and red, and 4 wild cards and 2 wild draw cards, for a total of 112 cards.

Colored cards consist of 1-9 number cards and 4 symbol cards. So far, it is the same as ordinary UNO.

The table is an ordinary Uno card ...

The card side is also printed on the back.

When this “flip” card, a feature of UNO FLIP, appears in the game ...

All players turn their hands over and the “dark side” game begins. There are also four-color number cards and symbol cards on the back with a black border, just like the front, but the front and back of the cards are different and completely different. For this reason, it will transform into a game with a different flow.

◆ I tried playing
This time with 4 people, I played with

UNO official rules . First, hand out 7 cards to everybody, and put the rest of the cards face down into a deck.

The rule that the same color, number, and symbol as the card in play can be put out is the same as the conventional UNO.

On the right side, “Draw 1”, which allows the next player to draw one, ...

'Reverse' changes the direction of turn

The game progresses crisply, with a “skip” that the next person is skipped once.

Here, a player put “Wild Draw 2” into play. The player who issued this card can declare the favorite color and allow the next player to draw two cards.

However, the next player greedyly did not draw two cards and called “Challenge!”.

If a challenge occurs, the player who issued “Wild Draw 2” will reveal his hand only to the player who called the challenge. Then, it turns out that there is a red “skip” card in the hand that is the same type as the yellow “skip” card that appeared in the field before “Wild Draw 2” came out.

Although there are other cards that can be put out, it is a foul to issue “Wild Draw 2”, but it is possible to put it on the battlefield with no face. However, if it is bald by the challenge of a player who receives “Wild Draw 2”, you will be penalized to draw 2 cards while returning “Wild Draw 2” to your hand. This is the official “

challenge ” rule.

Meanwhile, 'Flip', one of the symbol cards, appears on the scene. Then ...

All participants turn over their hands. The side cards and cards on the ground are turned over as they are, and the dark side game begins.

Dark side symbol cards have a stronger effect than light side symbol cards. This “Dark Color Wild” card that appeared this time is a particularly powerful card that allows you to specify your favorite color and draw the card to the next player until the color comes out. There are no players who have eaten.

Therefore, the player who was penalized by the challenge earlier called himself “Challenge” this time.

When I checked the opponent's hand, there was an orange card in the hand before 'Dark Color Wild' appeared.

Since the back side of the hand is visible to all players on the right side, if you remember this, you can effectively use the challenge when the dark side begins.

Players who succeeded in returning the challenge steadily reduced their hand using “Dark Skip” etc., which can skip all player's turn and throw away their cards again…

Because “Drawn Draw 5” was issued by the player in the previous turn, 5 cards were drawn from the deck.

On the dark side, the draw cards and skip cards are more powerful than the normal UNO right side, so the number of hand increases and decreases more, and more risky and extreme games are developed.

In the meantime, the player who left the card and declared “Uno!” Went up the next turn, and the winner was decided.

◆ Summary
When you play, the number of cards that draw on the light side and the dark side is greatly different, so the flow of the game is slow with `` ordinary UNO that moves crisply '' and `` dark side where the hand increases dramatically in a moment '' , I was able to enjoy a sharp battle.

In addition, the biggest feature of “UNO FLIP” is that when the flip side changes between the light side and the dark side, the contents of the hand change completely. As a result, when you say “I don't have a good card in my hand”, “When you flip the card, it was just a powerful card!”, So the card game finishes with the pleasure that the flow changes drastically depending on the timing of the flip It is.

On the other hand, the editorial staff who often plays UNO said, “Even if flip cards are issued, the number of cards in the hand does not change, so the impact on the game is surprisingly small, and the basic part is the same as ordinary UNO. There was also a voice saying “It lacks novelty”. In addition, in this play, because the official rule that “

Draw must not be layered on the draw ” has been observed, the feeling of “playing together” and “the previous person also flows with a draw card. There is also a side where the excitement in the waiting time of 'Kuru may ...' has disappeared and the fun has been halved. Therefore, it may be possible to develop a more heated game by enabling the “draw card overlay” or incorporating local rules such as “the player who issued the flip card can exchange the hand with a favorite player”.

UNO FLIP can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp, and the price is 1095 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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