A card game `` Eresia '' in which hot girls fought a hot battle by telling bad students who skipped school with five beautiful girls

A card game in which a girl who skips school because of the mystery of 'I was told to go to the ruins by a stuffed animal' and a girl who earns a grade with a teacher screams 'A student who leaves the school without permission!' Eresia ”has been available since April 11, 2020. As I was able to enjoy the 'pleasure of pushing out others', I actually experienced the conspiracy whirlpooling of five Karen girls.

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Eresia believes in the mysterious stuffed animal, 'Go to the ruins,' and goes to the ruins at the expense of grades, or ignores the stuffed animals to study hard or inform the school of poorly behaving students. It is a game where you have to make two choices: to improve your grades and aim to graduate from the top.

The compact size of Eresia is about this size compared to transportation IC cards.

The number of players is expected to be 2 to 5, the target age is 8 years old, and the playing time is expected to be 10 to 20 minutes.

The contents are 5 area boards, 36 activity cards, 5 student cards, 5 pawns, 5 markers, 15 cubes, and instructions.

Area boards are connected in the order of school, library, town, forest, and ruins. Since the explanation of each board is written on the top and bottom, it was designed to be easy to play games face-to-face.

The back of the activity card has the same design as the package.

Of the activity cards, the corresponding cards are marked with marks for each area in the upper left. It mainly has the effect of increasing the grade, and can only be used on areas with the same mark.

The special card does not have a mark on the upper left and can be used in any area. Among the special cards, the one marked 'Forbidden' in the upper right has a powerful effect that allows the game to proceed in an advantageous manner.

The 'key' card is an important card related to the victory conditions of the game that can only be used in the ruins. The victory conditions will be described later.

At the beginning of the game, each player will receive a student card, a pawn of the same color as the student card, a marker, and three cubes.

The student card has a number from 0 to 10 indicating the grade, and the position of the marker indicates the current grade. Marker is set to 0 at the start of the game.

The activity card should be shuffled firmly ...

Each player draws four cards from the deck and puts them into his or her hand.

A pawn is a piece that indicates which area each player is in. The game starts with everyone in the library area.

Each player performs their turn in the 'action phase' and then the 'movement phase' in their turn. In the Action Phase, select one from 'Plan', 'Activity', and 'Area Effect' and execute it, or choose to pass without doing anything. If you choose a plan, you can discard only one card from your hand that corresponds to the area, and only have one cube at hand.

If you select an activity, you can use the corresponding cards from your hand depending on the area, or the cards without the mark on the upper left. Also, if you have your own cube in the area, you will get 1 point score, and if you collect the cube at hand, you will get another point score. In other words, if you place a cube and then do activities, you will get 3 points at a time. After using one card for planning or activity, add one card from the deck.

If you select the area effect, you can execute the action written on the area board. For example, in a library, you can 'draw a card until you have four cards in your hand' or 'draw a card'.

In the movement phase, choose whether to move to the adjacent area or stay in the current area.

Is the victory condition of the game 'to score 10'?

Two types: 'Use your key card with your cube in the ruined area'.

You can earn grades by using the corresponding cards in each area, but you can also obtain grades by 'intimidation' that can be performed in the school area.

The player who has been informed reveals all cards in his hand. If the revealed card has a key in it, the informed party will get 2 points and the informed party will get 1 point. Also, the informed side must discard all cards in the hand labeled Forbidden.

One of the special cards, the 'replacement' card, is a weapon for players who make a strategy, 'Is it better to sit at school and inform other players more and more?'

Select a replacement card without looking at one of the specified opponent's cards. You can hand any card from your hand to your opponent.

In other words, it is also possible to press the key card against the other party and make it a target of intimidation. However, there is a possibility that a finger-tightening player may pull the key from the deck during the action phase.

Unless you have a replacement card, there is no way to discard your hand in the school / library area, so you must head to the ruins. However, it is difficult for Eresia that the action of 'going to the abandoned area' becomes the target of being suspected 'has the key?'.

Also, since the only ruined cards are key cards, you need two key cards to achieve the victory condition of 'use your key card with your cube in the ruined area'.

The key to advancing the game is how to push the key to the opponent, to succeed in the finger notification, and to avoid the finger notification. One step before the ruins, the area effect of the Mori area allows you to draw a card and put your hand on top of the deck ...

For example, it is possible to return the key card to the deck and press it against the opponent. Releasing the key can reduce the risk of being informed.

However, if you are notified, you will have to discard the Forbidden card even if you do not have the key, which is a huge disadvantage. However, if you have two 'plush' cards in your hand that can increase the movement phase and the action phase once, you can proceed to the ruins at once without worrying about the intimidation.

You can use a compatible card to improve your performance and win, but ...

After all, it is a pleasant way to win by letting out the opponent by secret notification, revealing the key card and winning. However, it is a bit disappointing to lose the side of the secret notification, so it may be a game that chooses the character of the opponent.

The player who wins with a grade of 10 is entitled to see the ending on the back of the student card.

If you win with the key in the abandoned cube, you have the right to read the secret page in the instructions. Play around to see what's on the secret page.

The atmosphere of the game changes greatly depending on each player's policy of Eresia to be intimidated or score. If all players are focused on improving their performance, the atmosphere is calm with little excitement. On the other hand, if there are many players who focus on the two points of “bringing the key to the ruins” and “notifying the opponent”, the atmosphere will be slaughtered, and if the notification to the opponent who has the key succeeds, it will be quite exciting. The playing time was short, the game itself was compact, and the rules were not very difficult, so it was a recommended game for beginners of board games.

'Eresia' can be purchased for 2970 yen including tax, and at Amazon.co.jp it was possible to purchase for 2700 yen including tax at the time of article creation.

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