I enjoyed the bargaining guilty at the 'Pralaya revised edition' which gathers more treasures from the sinking island and escapes than anyone else

" Pralaya revised edition " is a card game that aims to escape to us, collecting valuable treasures from the island that gradually sinks. If you escape the island quickly, you can not collect artifacts, but if you remain in the island and immerse yourself in collecting artifacts it will be drunk and drowned in the ocean, "How I want to collect relics" Do you want to escape from the island by seeing the closing point and rejecting it? "It was characterized by the game system and I actually played at the editorial department.

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The box of "Pralaya" looks something like this. A beautiful girl standing on a sandy beach and a sailing boat behind it are drawn.

The number of players is 2 to 5 people, the target age is over 10 years old, the play time is 15 to 30 minutes, and it corresponds to 2 languages ​​of Japanese and English. In addition, "Pralaya revised edition" to be reviewed this time is a revised version of the regular version "Pralaya", which is a version of the rule and balance of the regular version "Pralaya".

The contents are instructions and cards.

One of the cards used in Pralaya is the relic card . Various treasures and artifacts such as "gold coins", "wise men", "fossils" are drawn on relics cards. This artifact card is a so-called field tag, and the player aims to escape from the island by paying the action power on his turn and getting the relic card.

There are " sea " cards in which only the sea surface is drawn in the artifact card. As the game progresses, the place is filled with "sea" cards, the island will sink down. It is the purpose of the game to escape with treasure from the island before it becomes scrap of seaweed algae.

" Scripture " and " Doni " are special handling cards which do not become place papers. "Scripture" has a permanent effect of upgrading the player's action power. "Doni" is the only escape ship to leave the island, and the player can escape from the island by getting "Doni" card.

Actually playing in that. First, arrange the relics cards from the deck in the battlefield, and place the scriptures card and the donecard aside. This time we will play with four people, so arrange the relics cards in 3 rows and 6 columns in play. The effect of the card and the development of the game do not change depending on the position where the card of the place is placed.

With the exception of the first turn, players are given "action power" three each turn. You can get a relic card by paying "necessary action power" written on the upper right of the relic card. For example, in order to get "fossils" shown in the image below, you need to pay 1 action power. Even if we have enough ability to act, we will not carry over to the next turn so we want to get as many robberies as we can.

In the place where the relics card is acquired and vacant, a relicant card is placed face up on top of the deck. The field is always filled with artifact cards.

There is no effect on the "sea" of the relic of cards, and it is impossible to collect once it comes to play. The place where the "sea" of the place is placed will remain "sea" all the time, as the turn goes forward the field will be full of "sea" and the place to place a new card will disappear.

Victory points are determined for each relicant card. This "ancient document" collects 2 pieces, you can earn 5 victory points. "Gold coins" can also win six points of victory with one ... ...

Currency cards of "gold coin", "silver coin" and "copper coin" can also be used as coins at the same time. The price of the card is the number drawn on the upper left of the card, "gold coin" is worth 6. In order to get the "Doni" card to escape from the island you have to pay the currency. The currency has a lower victory point, but it is necessary for escape from the island.

The price of "Doni" card is X → 7 → 4 → 2 in four play, the rule that people who intend to acquire the "Doni" card earlier must pay higher price. A "Doni" card whose price is "X" must pay all the currency cards that he owns. However, if you do not have a currency card you own, you can get it without payment. It is also important to collect treasure on the island, but at the same time the bargain of buying "Doni" is the liver of this game.

As you advance the game, the place is filled with Don Don "Ocean". When the place is filled with "sea", the relics cards other than "sea" will become few, so it will be difficult to acquire the artifact card as intended.

"I want to collect vestiges cards and gain victory points!" "I want a currency card for the" Doni "card but if you continue to stay on the island thinking that it will not come into play!

All the places are filled with "sea" and the game is over. Players who were unable to escape the island with "Doni" before the turn filled with the "sea" will become the lowest ranked algae scraps

The player who escaped will calculate the score with the relic card that he brought back and decide the rank. Just not only escape, it is the point that how much wealth can be picked up on the island will lead to victory.

Some of the editorial staff who held a minus 30 points of debt due to the effect of the "devil's contract" card that "during the game" the victory point of "the image of the devil you have" will be -3 times ". The editorial staff clung to a small opportunity to return debt, and left it as "as it is", as it was, "I will sink to the island as much as leaving the island with debt."

When I actually played, I felt the bargaining of "When to escape" is important. Escape first, the victory point will be low, but with the exquisite balance that if you continue to remain on the island you will be swallowed into the "sea" and will die, "Escape at the next turn ... ... No, wait another turn Escape ... ... "saying that" I will fate with the island with the island, and I can taste the real thrill of the chicken race. The obstruction play such as collecting the relics cards that the opponent is gathering earlier or getting the currency card first so that the other party can not escape from the island with the "Doni" card also gets excited.

"Pralaya revised edition" can be purchased from Amazon.co.jp etc. with tax 2700 yen.

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