Amazon, which has been accused by employees of being deficient in measures against the new coronavirus, has developed a 'distance assistant'

Amazon is experiencing '

special demand for the new coronavirus ' in response to increased mail-order demand during the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). On the other hand, employees were accused of 'inadequate COVID-19 measures in the workplace,' but in a blog post on June 16, 2020, 'employees were required to maintain an appropriate social distance from others. We have developed the Distance Assistant to help keep you going,' Amazon announced.

Amazon introduces'Distance Assistant'

Amazon's AI-powered'distance assistants' will warn workers when they get too close-The Verge

It has become clear that

the demand for online shopping is increasing sharply as measures such as urban blockade have been implemented in many countries following the pandemic of COVID-19. Amazon is also benefiting from this special demand, but employees who work at sites such as fulfillment centers, which are logistics bases, are dissatisfied with Amazon's COVID-19 measures, and strikes by employees are also being implemented. I will.

In France, Amazon's warehouse was temporarily closed in response to a court order demanding 'introduction of work restrictions and health-conscious procedures.'

Amazon temporarily closed the French warehouse, because the new corona virus countermeasure was insufficient-GIGAZINE

Meanwhile, Brad Porter, Vice President of the Robot Initiative at Amazon, announced in a new blog post that Amazon has developed a system that uses AI to help employees maintain a certain distance Did.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, Amazon's engineers began to look for ways to maintain a social distance to protect the health and safety of employees who work to deliver the products they need to their customers. Engineers apply AI and machine learning to camera footage inside buildings to implement Distance Assist, an additional solution to identify particularly crowded places in buildings and keep social distance That's right.

You can see how Amazon's Distance Assistant actually works in the following movie.

Amazon introduces 'Distance Assistant'-YouTube

Distance Assistant is a system that provides employees with feedback on social distance using a large monitor and camera, a depth sensor, and an offline local computer. A green circle is displayed around the person reflected in the monitor, and if this circle is green, it means that 'a proper social distance is maintained between the person around me.' The size of the circle is 6 feet in radius.

Due to the large number of employees in Amazon's buildings, it may not be possible to maintain a proper social distance in a busy passageway.

If the employees get too close to each other, the circle displayed on the monitor will turn red and warn the employees.

The monitors are placed in a prominent place in the building, and employees can glance at the monitors to see if they are safe.

If any of the people gathered look at the monitor and realize that their circle is red...

You can get away from each other and regain proper social distance.

All the devices required for the distance assistant are stand-alone units, so if you can secure the power supply, you can quickly deploy it at the entrance of the building and other places where there is a lot of traffic and high visibility, and socialize to employees. It is possible to call attention to keep a distance.

According to Porter, Distance Assistance was only installed in some buildings at the time of article creation, and employees value the immediate visual feedback they receive through monitors. Based on positive employee feedback, Amazon is considering deploying hundreds of distance assistant units over the next few weeks, as well as considering open sourcing software and AI, Porter said.

Technology-based media, The Verge, is developing a system that allows companies other than Amazon to combine AI and camera images to warn about social distances.Some of them use Bluetooth to maintain the social distance between employees. He pointed out that some companies are thinking about it. While these measures are necessary for employees to work in warehouses and elsewhere, some privacy experts are concerned that new technologies may increase corporate surveillance of employees.

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