Over 500 movies that copied ``police violence'' that went too far against protest against black discrimination


Kelly Kline

A black man George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, was suffocated and killed by a white police officer, commonly known as ' Death of George Floyd ' The action is spreading. Regarding a series of protest actions, the American police are coping with some radical protest actions with force, but 500 movies of evidence that such police actions are 'too much' The above is summarized.

George Floyd Protest – police brutality videos on Twitter | Hacker News

The movie that shows the violent response of the police was compiled by criminal lawyer T. Greg Doucette and mathematician Jason Miller . The summarized movie is published on Google Drive titled 'George Floyd Protest-police brutality videos on Twitter'.

GeorgeFloyd Protest-police brutality videos on Twitter-Google Drive

You can view the movie by clicking the URL in the 'Tweet URL' item.

An example of the list is as follows. The following movie captures the moment the police shoot teardrops at a protester doing a peaceful demonstration.

A police officer suddenly arrests a black man who is protesting with his knees on the ground and his hands in front of a police force forming a line and showing his resistance-free state.
George Floyd Protest Police Brutality-78-Charleston-YouTube

The police throw a pepper bullet to suppress the mob on the face of the protesters.

The moment the police shoot in rubber and tear bullets in a protest demonstration called 'We want peace.'

The following shows how three New York City police officers bounce one black man with a baton.

In the list, some movies unrelated to protests triggered by 'Death of George Floyd' are also summarized as 'evidence showing violence of police officers'. At the time of writing the article, there were over 500 movies in the list.

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