Zoom suddenly freezes the account of an activity group that hosted the Tiananmen Memorial event



A case where the PLA and a radical demonstrator collided with a large number of casualties due to the protest movement for democratization of China held at Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China on June 4, 1989 Is the ' 64 Tiananmen Incident '. An account of an activity group that held an online event commemorating the 64 Tiananmen case that the Chinese government is trying to erase from history using Zoom , a video conferencing tool, was suddenly frozen because it was 'illegal under local law in China' It has been reported.

ZOOM shut down

Zoom closed account of US-based Chinese activist “to comply with local law”-Axios

Zhou Qin Qian , the founder of the US-based non-profit activity group Humanitarian China , held a 31st anniversary commemorative event on Zoom on May 31, 2020.

Mr. Zhou participated in the protest held in Tiananmen Square in 1989 as a student leader, and died at the event held by Mr. Zhou by the people who participated in the protest at that time and by the use of military force. About 250 people have gathered, including the bereaved family of people and participants in the democratization demonstration in Hong Kong .

However, on June 7th after the event, it turned out that the Humanitarian China Zoom account had been frozen. Zhou sent confirmation and explanation emails to Zoom many times, but it seems that there was no reply from Zoom.

In addition, on May 29, it was discovered that the Zoom account of Hong Kong democratization demonstration activist Lee Takuto was frozen without any notice from Zoom.

Humanitarian China argued in a statement, 'Zoom is involved in working with the Chinese Communist Party to erase the memories of the 64 Tiananmen Incident.' 'We are resentful at the work of the American company Zoom. Zoom, one of the most commercially popular video conferencing tools in the world, is helping Chinese in the midst of the pandemic of the new coronavirus.' It is an indispensable tool for remembering the Sixty-four Tiananmen Incident,' he said in protest against Zoom.

This is not the first time that the relationship between Zoom and China has been pointed out. In April 2020, it was discovered that Zoom's server encryption key was stored on a Chinese server, which was criticized by civil society for 'security concerns.' Concerning this concern, Zoom said, 'The Chinese government hasn't created any special tools to assist law enforcement in spying on users, and there's no way to intercept the meeting without the user's knowledge.' He said.

It turns out that a part of the encryption key of the online video conferencing application ``Zoom'' is issued from ``China server'', vulnerable to ``waiting room'' function-GIGAZINE

A spokeswoman for Zoom said, 'Like other global companies, we must comply with the laws that apply in the regions where we do business. When held, participants in that country must comply with the laws of their respective countries,' he said, explaining that the Humanitarian China account was frozen because it was ignoring Chinese law.

Immediately after the news media Axios posted an article reporting this, the Zoom account of humanitarian China was suddenly frozen. However, Mr. Zhou said, 'Zoom has no direct contact and has asked for explanations many times, but again Zoom does not respond.'

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