Measures taken by demonstrators to prepare for the regulation of the authority of the authority "mesh network" is?

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A large-scale demonstration activity in Hong Kong, where actions began to spread since around September 15 in search of a democratic election system, was largely expanded mainly by young students through internet media such as Twitter, Support from shadowsMesh networkThe existence is spreading among many citizens.

How Hong Kong Protesters Are Connecting, Without Cell Or Wi-Fi Networks: All Tech Considered: NPR

"Umbrella revolutionThe large-scale demonstration activity also called "China / Hong Kong holidays" from 1st October to 2nd OctoberAnniversary of foundingIt is also seen as having a big mountain. The Chinese government, which is feeling a sense of crisis in this,Block access to InstagramWe began taking measures to contain the freedom of speech, including doing it.

At the moment there is no evidence that such information control has been done in Hong Kong, but if the communication infrastructure is controlled by the administration side, it will be impossible to send information from the existing mobile phone network or home Internet communication network Become. In order to avoid that risk, the introduction is called "Chat application for smartphone"FireChat"is. FireChat is an application that makes it possible to communicate with each other using Bluetooth function, and it is an important feature that messages and data can be exchanged without depending on the mobile phone network and Wi-Fi It is.

I tried using a chat application "FireChat" that allows messages to be exchanged without Internet environment - GIGAZINE

FireChat is a great merit that the terminals that installed the application can mutually communicate, so that it can create a network like a network eye. By utilizing this function, it is possible to establish a network environment that does not rely on existing infrastructure and to make free speech.

A 17-year-old student, Huang Yong Feng (one of the central leaders of the democratization movement)Joshua Wong) Via Twitter "The police are disconnecting the network at Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai (both the center of the demonstration) and the Hong Kong Electric Railway (RTHK: Television Station) is concerned that demonstrators will gather at government buildings Please go to AppStore or PlayStore to install FireChat and login ... ... "to install FireChat.

FireChat is a widely used application in the world,ISISIt has also been used in Iraq, which is restricted from connecting to Islamic countries, in Taiwan, etc. Also in Hong Kong this time, it spreads among people for similar reasons.

It is clear that the difference between the demo group who is trying to secure freedom of speech although it is precautionary measures and the difference in the attitude of the government trying to advance the prescribed route closer to China to the last without answering the demand of the demonstration side clearly There seems to be a situation where it is not yet predictable what kind of settlements of a series of riots that are going to show up will continue.

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