Apple decides to abolish 'iBooks Author' of e-book creation application and 'iTunes U' of educational application

Apple has announced that it will abolish

iBooks Author , a free e-book authoring app, and iTunes U, an app for viewing digital content created by educational institutions and educators for free. iBooks Author will not be updated again, it will not be possible to download new apps after July 1, 2020, iTunes U will be unavailable at the end of 2021.

Transition from iBooks Author to Pages-Apple Support

iTunes U-June 2020 Update-Apple Support

Apple discontinuing iBooks Author and iTunes U, here's what you need to know-9to5Mac

iBooks Author is

a free e-book authoring app released by Apple in 2012 and was released primarily as a tool for educators and small publishers to create their own books. With iBooks Author, you could create an e-book on your iPad and publish it as-is on Apple Books . However, the number of iBooks Author updates has declined over the last few years, and Apple has finally announced the retirement of iBooks Author.

According to Apple's announcement, iBooks Author will not be updated in the future, and it will be impossible to download new applications after July 1, 2020. Existing users will continue to be able to use it, and books created with iBooks Author and published on Apple Books will continue to be available.

It should be noted that in recent updates, many of the features of iBooks Author have been incorporated into ' Pages ', and the function of importing books currently being created with iBooks Author into Pages will be available soon.

In addition, Apple announced that the education app iTunes U will also be discontinued by the end of 2021. in relation to the abolition of iTunes U, Apple is '

classroom ' and ' school work has been mentioned that the new educational app called' have appeared, educators and these new apps, ' Apple School Manager using the' I explained that iPad and Mac can be easily introduced to educational sites.

ITunes U has been seen to have declined in popularity in recent years, and 9to5Mac, which reported Apple-related information, said: ``Apple was neglecting to update iTunes U, so it was for Google educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. of net service Google Classroom it is assumed that the popular ' article had been posted.

Regarding the content already released on iTunes U, it is possible to move to platforms such as Apple Podcast and Apple Books.

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