We acknowledge that Chinese authorities can monitor the message of China version LINE "WeChat", the developer negatively


The Chinese authorities announced that they investigated the conversation history of the message using the instant messenger application "WeChat" and punished 63 party members who questioned the party's decision. The message investigated by the authorities includes those already deleted from the smartphone, and it is pointed out that the Chinese authorities are monitoring WeChat's conversation data. However, it is the developer of the applicationTencent"We can not read the message", denying the announcement by the Chinese authorities.

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It is in eastern part of Hefei City, Anhui province, ChinaNestlingThe Discipline Monitoring and Management Committee "investigated the deleted WeChat conversation history and identified 63 parolees who questioned the party's decision and punished them" on Saturday, April 28, 2018 It was clarified by contributing to social media.

The post spreads a big ripple instantly, the following April 29 th (Sun), Tencent which is the developer of WeChat "WeChat does not store the history of the message, it is saved in the terminal used by the user We do not have anything other than that, "announced a statement denying authorities' announcement content. According to Tencent, as explained, there is no conversation history user interacted with Tencent's server, and there is no fact that the authorities investigated Tencent's server.

Tencent CEO Takeshi Maori also said in a January 2018 forum, "If you monitor it, you need to acquire and analyze all communication data done at WeChat every day," said Tencent CEO It is suggesting that it is impossible.

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Posting was deleted the next day, although a statement of denial by Tencent was issued, it was decided to shake the users of China greatly. In the Weibo who can be said to be the Chinese version of Twitter, many users post content such as "How can I protect my privacy?" Some people said that "Physically destroying smartphones may be the only way to escape government surveillance," some posted.

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