New York City decides to ban use of TikTok, requiring all employees to delete the app within 30 days

On August 16, 2023, New York City in New York State, USA, announced that it would ban the use of the Chinese short movie app ``

TikTok '' on terminals managed and owned by the city. In addition, it is reported that a popular TikTok account managed by New York City has also been deleted.

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TikTok is widely used around the world, but there are concerns about the risks of ``user data being shared with the Chinese government'' and ``information biased by Chinese government censorship''. As a countermeasure, the US government has passed a bill to ban the use of TikTok on government-related devices in December 2022.

Appropriation bill including clause ``TikTok ban on government smartphones'' passed by US Congress-GIGAZINE

Also, in New Jersey and Ohio , the use of TikTok on devices managed by the state is prohibited , and in May 2023, the ' TikTok Prohibition Law ' was enacted in Montana, which seeks to completely ban TikTok within the state. As a result, regulations on TikTok are tightening.

On August 16, 2023, New York City also announced a ban on TikTok on city-owned and managed devices to address TikTok security concerns.

``TikTok poses a security threat to the city's technology network,'' said New York City spokesman Jonah Aron. New York City's decision to ban TikTok will take effect immediately, banning city employees from downloading the app and accessing the website. Also, you must remove the TikTok app from your device within 30 days of the announcement.

Mr. Aron told the overseas media The Verge who reported this case, 'SNS is a great tool to connect citizens and the city, but we always have to check whether these platforms are safe.' said. ``New York City's Cyber Command conducts regular investigations to keep citizens' data safe,'' it said.

Following the decision to ban TikTok in New York City, the TikTok accounts of the city-owned Department of Health and the Department of Parks and Recreation were deleted, leaving a comment that they were ``no longer subject to monitoring''. In particular, the Health Bureau's TikTok account has become a popular account with nearly 50,000 followers.

TikTok's operator, ByteDance , has not commented on New York City's decision. However, in March 2023, TikTok's CEO Shaw Chu answered ``No'' to the suspicion that ``TikTok may be spying on behalf of the Chinese government,'' and data leakage by TikTok denied the allegations.

TikTok's Chu CEO testified at an American hearing and responded to data leak suspicions - GIGAZINE

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