'Don't use TikTok because of privacy concerns,' warns both American Democratic and Republican committees


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Across the United States Democratic Party to lead the organization National Committee Democratic Party (DNC) and the Republican Party to lead the organization Republican National Committee (RNC) has warned of TikTok of video sharing app and 'there is a concern on the privacy' on the relevant organization It became clear. TikTok is run by a Chinese company, ByteDance , and it is also pointed out that 'user data may be in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party.'

DNC and RNC warn campaigns about using TikTok-CNN Politics

TikTok has long been concerned that it may be sending data to China, and in 2019, ``TikTok is transferring personal information to Chinese servers'' in the

US There are also cases where college students file lawsuits . In addition, in June 2020, the fact that TikTok was reading the contents of the clipboard was visualized in the developer preview version of iOS 14 , which caused a great deal of attention.

TikTok steals what the user is typing-GIGAZINE

After being criticized from all over the world, TikTok changed the specification for copying the contents of the clipboard , but TikTok still has a strict eye on it. On July 6, 2020, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the U.S. government was considering a ban on TikTok, and on July 7, President Donald Trump also said that the government would ban TikTok. I admitted that I am considering.


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Meanwhile, US national party committees DNC and RNC also warned campaign campaigns and their affiliates about the dangers of TikTok. In a DNC email sent to interested parties on July 10, 2020, the security team said, 'We continue to advise our campaign staff not to use TikTok on their personal devices. If we use TikTok in our campaign If so, we recommend separating the device from the account.'

This is not the first time DNC has issued a warning about a foreign-made app or product. In 2018, he advised candidates not to use ZTE or Huawei devices made by Chinese manufacturers, and in 2019 he warned against using the Russian app FaceApp .

On July 11, the RNC also issued a warning about TikTok to the relevant parties. 'For security concerns, RNC advised employees and stakeholders not to download TikTok to their personal devices,' said Mandi Merritt, RNC's national spokesman. doing.

'We are doing everything we can to protect the privacy and security of our users,' a TikTok spokesman said after an American Party Commission issued a warning about TikTok. Inviting former Walt Disney executive Kevin Meyer as CEO, he argued that he was working with the American CEO to develop the best-in-class security infrastructure and to work to make the platform sound.

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DNC and RNC are not the only ones alerting employees and stakeholders regarding the use of TikTok. On July 10, 2020, it was reported that 'Amazon has asked its employees to remove the TikTok app from their smartphones.' Amazon notified by email, 'Please delete TikTok from the terminal that accesses the email application for internal communication due to security risks,' but this email was immediately withdrawn. An Amazon spokesman claims that the email to the employee was sent in error.

Amazon will notify employees to ``remove TikTok from smartphone'' but will be withdrawn soon-GIGAZINE

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Wells Fargo , a California-based financial institution, also instructed employees who have TikTok installed on corporate devices to remove the app because of privacy concerns. A Wells Fargo spokesman said, ``TikTok asked employees to remove the app because of privacy and security concerns, and the practice that devices owned by the company should only be used for the company's business. I ordered it.'

Wells Fargo directs employees to remove TikTok from company mobile devices-The Verge

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