I tried burger king's `` strong super one pound beef burger '' in which 499 g of 100% beef patties grilled on open fire fills the stomach

Introducing ' Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger ', which is a burger king '

Super One Pound Beef Burger ' that uses 100% direct-fired beef patties with a total weight of 499g, and a special spicy sauce of pepper and garlic. In order to thoroughly enjoy the overwhelming wall of meat with the special spicy sauce, I immediately took it out at Burger King and ate it.

'Strong' appears in that 'Super One Pound Beef Burger'!

That's why I immediately took out the 'Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger' I was looking for at Burger King. 'Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger' is a take-out delivery-only and limited-quantity menu. The price is 1210 yen including tax for a single item and 1450 yen including tax for French fry M and drink M including tax.

The packaging of 'Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger' looks like this. 'SP' was written on the package.

When you open the packaging, it looks like this. Because it is a hamburger using about 500 g of beef patty, the presence of meat is outstanding even if it is not a publicity photograph. It is a hamburger that seems to be the opposite of the moss burger

green burger that uses plenty of vegetables with zero meat.

Anyway, the 4 beef patties are a masterpiece. It's called 'open-air grilling', and the brown eyes of beef patties are appetizing. However, since it was offered only for take-out delivery, the cheese had melted into muddy by the time I bought it and opened the package.

The presence of buns is weak compared to the presence of beef patties. The buns feel very thin.

The buns are Sesame buns.

In addition to buns and beef patties, it has a simple structure consisting of sliced onions, pickles, special spicy sauce and cheese.

I was wondering if the special spicy sauce was used between the beef patties, but there was nothing but pickles between the beef patties.

Compare the size of 'Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger' with iPhone 11 Pro Max with a long side of 158.0mm.

It's about half as tall as the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In addition, it seems that 100% beef patties are not used, so when I brought it back, part of the beef patties had broken.

When I actually eat it, Patty is not juicy and it feels dry, but the intense umami of 100% beef patties grilled on open fire spreads in my mouth, so 'I am eating meat now!' Is dominated by the feeling of happiness. The four beef patties are so thick that it is impossible to eat the upper buns, the beef patties x 4, and the lower buns in one bite. Therefore, it is necessary to devise the way of eating such as eating the upper half and then the lower half, but since the special spicy sauce exists only between the upper buns and beef patties, I ate the lower half It's a pity that it really tastes like meat.

The special spicy sauce looks like barbecue sauce, but the taste is quite good with pepper and garlic, and it goes well with beef patty. However, the special spicy sauce has not been generously flattered, the amount of beef patties is obviously small, and without the special spicy sauce, it really tastes like meat. Therefore, it is a good idea to use seasonings such as ketchup and mayonnaise in the refrigerator to find the perfect seasoning for beef patties.

As you can see, 'Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger' is full of volume, but as the buns and beef patties take away all the water from the mouth, the body wants water as it eats. However, when I drank too much, I felt hungry and the hamburger couldn't pass through my throat, so I was able to experience the reason why food fighters try not to drink as much as possible when eating burgers and hot dogs.

The 'Strong Super One Pound Beef Burger' is a take-out delivery, limited-quantity menu and will be sold from May 22, 2020 to June 4, 2020. At the same time, 'Super One Pound Beef Burger' has re-appeared, and both will be offered after 14:00, so please be careful.

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