I tried 'hot spicy habanero chicken burger' and 'spicy tomato pai' with sapphak chicken with habanero sauce at domdom burger

Tomato pie which made hot pepper and hot pepper hamburger "Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger"When"Sharp hot tomato pie"Has appeared for a limited time from May 25th (Fri) in 2018 at all domom hamburger shops. I ate hamburger with habanero's sauce and fried chicken and fried pie with plenty of umami with bacon and tomato

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Arrived at Domdomom Hamburger.

There is a poster in front of the shop informing of the appearance of spicy hamburgers. This time I will order 'hot spicy tomato pies' which I released on the same day as 'hot spicy habanero chicken burger', and iced coffee.

"Spicy habanero chicken burger" and "spicy tomato pie" and S size iced coffee arrived in about 5 minutes.

"Spicy habanero chicken burger" (single item: tax 390 yen), plenty of use habanero to tomato-based original source of, hamburger sandwiched entwined in fried chicken. Drifts scent to imagine the sour taste from the original source.

The height is about this compared to iPhone 7 (long side 13.8 cm). There is a volume with chicken and shredded cabbage enough to protrude from the buns.

When you remove the buns painted with mayonnaise, you can see that red fried chilli, shredded cabbage, chicken and lettuce are caught between them.

Bright original source using habanero is plenty behind the chicken.

Try eating, the chicken is crispy with the sour taste of the original sauce. In shabby crispy crispy cabbage and mayonnaise, I do not feel the harshness of habanero that is used at the beginning for the first time. The sauce has "sweetness" and "umami" as well as pain. As you continue to eat, the spicy of fried chili is added and it becomes intense pain.

The contents of chicken are soft and juicy. Crispy clothes, crispy fried chili pepper, and shredded cabbage are accented with texture.

The bitterness of the sauce can be reduced somewhat with mayonnaise and shredded cabbage. However, the harshness of the original sauce by Habanero etc. is intense. For those who are not good at bitterness, as well as without drinks, it is a level of taste that the tongue is likely to paralyze so let your ice coffee rest your tongue and prepare for the next item.

Next is "ichita tomato pie" (single item: 190 yen including tax). Among the fried pie are pasta sauce that made tomato based chili pepper,ArabiataIt is packed with sauce that imagined the meal pie that can be eaten lightly even on hot days.

The pie is a rectangle, the long side is about 12 cm.

The pie cloth is crispy and crispy texture, with a tasty texture from the sauce inside, you can feel the flavor of tomatoes and the spicyness of chili peppers. The sauce feels the flavor of the material such as tomato, but salty taste is modest, so it was finished in a just good balance by plusing the salty taste of the pie dough, there was a sense of unity.

"Spicy habanero chicken burger" and "effect spicy Tomatopai" is possible order in the country of dom dom store. In addition, people who want to increase further pungency to the "super-hot habanero chicken burger" is, you can increase the amount of fried chili ingredients at 50 yen plus.

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